What Are The Application Areas Of Customized Capacitive Touchscreens?

Customized Capacitive touchscreens Apply In Multimedia Query Terminal

The multimedia terminal inquiry machine combines the most advanced multimedia technology. The fastest growing application field in the global touch market. We widely apply it to public and commercial places, such as tourist spots, museums and shopping malls. In addition, commercial applications use touch screens for employee welfare, and government agencies install touch screens and educate the public about public services available. The touch screen can be used to distribute invoices, coupons and merchandise.

Customized Capacitive touchscreens Apply In In Sales Terminal

Touch screens will soon become the preferred input medium. It is widely used in restaurants, fast food restaurants and retail industries. Most restaurant chains around the world use touch screen sales terminals because they provide many advantages over traditional membrane keyboard payment machines. Touch input downgrades costs and improves member productivity. Thousands of supermarket cash registers use interactive point-of-sale terminals for checkout inspections. Advanced cash registers will also provide customers with coupons and discounts. Allow manufacturers to provide product promotion. Interactive images help product promotion. Collect data to help analyze customer buying trends.

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Financial Transactions And ATV Machines

You can use touch screen in many different financial applications, including financial transactions and cash machines. What's more, In financial transactions, touch screens are widely used in transactions, video calls, and data access. The touch screen is easier to enter the computer system in the trading transaction. Moreover, in video phones, you can sue the touch screen to replace a large row of phone buttons. So in the data access system, you can use the touch screen for online data. Touch also replaces the traditional withdrawal button.

Industrial Control And Medical Equipment

In the past ten years, the number of microprocessors used in industrial and medical equipment has grown rapidly. Make the operation of this type of equipment more complicated. Using the touch screen, the operator does not need to use the keyboard to remember software commands. However, it can reduce Input errors and training costs , and the touch screen saves space.

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