Performance Comparison Of The Tempered Glass Touch Panel

Performance Comparison Of The Tempered Glass Touch Panel

Capacitive Touch Screen

The resolution is very high and the light transmittance is also good. Can well meet the requirements of all aspects. This kind of tempered glass touch panel is common in public places. However, capacitive touch screens use the human body as an electrode of a capacitor. When a conductor approaches and couples a sufficiently large capacitance with the working surface of the interlayer ITO. The current flowing away will cause the capacitive touch screen to malfunction. In addition, there will be no response when wearing gloves or holding an insulating object when you touch it. This is because there is add insulating medium. Some chips that can support a gloved touch screen can respond.

Tempered Glass Touch Panel

Resistive Touch Screen

It works in an environment completely isolated from the outside world. It is not afraid of dust, moisture and oil. You can use any object to touch. It is more suitable for use in the field of industrial control. The disadvantage is that the outer layer of the composite film is made of plastic. Too much force or touching with a sharp object may scratch the touch screen.

Infrared Touch Screen

It determines the touch position by measuring the on-off of infrared rays. And has nothing to do with the transparent baffle material selected for the touch screen (some of them do not use any baffle at all). Therefore, the baffle with good light transmission performance is selected. And to be anti-reflective treatment. Can get very good visual effects. However, it is limited by the volume of the infrared emitting tube. It is impossible to emit high-density infrared rays. Therefore, the resolution of this touch screen is not high. In addition, because the infrared touch screen relies on infrared induction to work. Changes in external light, such as sunlight or indoor lights, will affect its accuracy.

Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen

Surface acoustic wave technology is very stable. Moreover, the controller of the surface acoustic wave touch screen calculates the touch position by measuring the position of the decay moment on the time axis. So its accuracy is very high. The surface acoustic wave touch screen also has a third axis (z axis). That is, the pressure axis-by calculating the attenuation at the attenuation of the received signal. The amount of force the user touches the screen can be obtained. It can be divided into up to 2 5 6 levels of strength. The greater the power, the wider and deeper the attenuation gap on the received signal waveform. Among all touch screens, only surface acoustic wave touch screens have the ability to sense touch pressure.

Application Occasions Of Tempered Glass Touch Panel:

Application occasions According to the analysis of the structure, principle and performance characteristics of the touch screen. The applicable occasions of different touch screens are as follows.

Four-wire Resistive Touch Screen:

It is not afraid of dust, oil stains and photoelectric interference, and fear of scratches is its main defect. It is suitable for public places with fixed users. Such as industrial control sites, offices, homes, etc.

Five-wire Resistive Touch Screen:

Excellent sensitivity and light transmittance, long service life. Not afraid of dust, oil and photoelectric interference. Suitable for all kinds of public places. It is especially suitable for industrial control sites that require precision.

Capacitive Touch Screen:

Because the capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding conditions. Therefore, its stability is relatively poor, and drift phenomenon often occurs. Afraid of electromagnetic field interference and drift. Suitable for industrial, medical, AMT, POS, smart home, etc.

Infrared Touch Screen:

The resolution is low, but it will not interfered by current, voltage and static electricity. Suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. It is suitable for all kinds of public places, offices and industrial control sites that do not require very precise requirements without infrared and strong light interference.

Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen:

Pure glass material, best light transmission, long service life and good scratch resistance. Suitable for all kinds of public places for unknown users. But it is afraid of long-term accumulation of dust and oil contamination. Therefore, it is better to use in a clean environment. Otherwise, regular cleaning services are required.

New Touch Technology:

Development trend Touch screen technology facilitates people's operation and use of computers. And it is a very promising interactive input technology. Countries all over the world generally pay attention to this and invest a lot of manpower and material resources in research and development. And new types of touch screens are constantly emerging.

Touch Pen For Tempered Glass Touch Panel

The touch screen operated with a touch pen is similar to a whiteboard. In addition to the display interface, windows, and icons, the touch pen also has the functions of signing and marking. This kind of touch pen is much more powerful than the earlier light pen that only provides a selection menu.

Touchpad: For Tempered Glass Touch Panel

The touchpad adopts pressure-sensitive capacitive touch technology with the largest screen area. It consists of three parts: the bottom layer is the central sensor. Used to monitor whether the touchpad is touched. Then process the information. The middle layer provides interactive graphics, text, etc. The outermost layer is the touch surface layer, which is made of a high-strength plastic material. When the finger touches the outer surface. This information can be sent to the sensor and logged in within one thousandth of a second. In addition to being compatible with PCs, it also has the characteristics of high brightness, clear images, and easy interaction. It is therefore used in pointing information query systems (such as electronic bulletin boards). Very good results have been received.

In short, the development of touch screens presents trends such as specialization, multimedia, three-dimensional, and large screens. With the development of the information society, people need to obtain all kinds of public information. The public information transmission system with touch screen technology as the interactive window adopts advanced computer technology. Use text, images, music, commentary, animation, video and other forms to introduce various information to people intuitively and vividly. Bring great convenience to people. It is foreseeable that with the rapid development of touch screen technology. The application field of touch screen will become wider and wider. Performance will get better and better.

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