Introduce Large-size Capacitive Touch Screen Into The Industrial Field

Introduce Large-size capacitive touch screen Into The Industrial Field

With the large-scale use of capacitive touch screen on mobile phones. People have felt the excellent touch experience brought by the capacitive touch screen. At the same time, the man-machine interface using the capacitive touch screen also has the advantages of stylish appearance and easy cleaning. With the advancement of technology, some of the problems of using capacitive touch screen in the industrial field have also been gradually solved. So many customers now introduce large-size capacitive touch screen into the industrial field. What problems will you encounter in this process?

Size Problem Of Large-size Capacitive Touch Screen

Due to the antenna effect, the larger the size of the capacitive touch screen. The more difficult it is to improve anti-interference and sensitivity. It is easy to accidentally operate due to the capacitive touch screen itself. In industrial LCD products. The use of an integrated touch panel method and advanced technology successfully overcome this problem. At present, industrial-grade products can achieve stable operation of an industrial-grade capacitive touch screen of up to 18.5 inches. The integrated panel refers to. The capacitive touch screen and the front tempered glass panel are made into one body through a special process. In this way, through this way can solve the following problems :

1) Solve the problem of sensitive air gap between capacitive touch screen and spacer. Will greatly reduce the mounting requirements, and the production is simple and easy

2) Adapt to the application environment with gloves or dirty hands.

3) When set to the highest sensitivity, the touch screen will not malfunction due to high sensitivity.

The Problem Of Thick Protective CoverGlass

In order that the touch screen or LCD screen is not affect by external forces and unclean environment. The operation panel used in the industrial field is often placed with a thick glass or plastic protective cover. By adopting the capacitive touch screen, there can add a tempered glass panel with a thickness of up to 9mm and an acrylic panel with a thickness of 6mm . In the test, the 18.5-inch capacitive touch screen use is a capacitive touch screen with 3mm thick tempered glass. When using ordinary switching power supply. Set the highest sensitivity to achieve the following operations:

1) There superimpose for operation with 1-3 sheets of 1.6mm thick tempered glass, and the touch screen functions normally.

2) Touch every 8mm thick paper magazine, and the touch screen functions normally.


Glove Problem

Industrial environments often require touch screen can support with gloves for machine operations. Although this is not a big problem for mechanical buttons. But this will have a huge impact on capacitive touch solutions. Capacitive touch screen can realize normal work even when wearing winter plush gloves. We can operate the touch screen normally using rubber gloves, plastic gloves, and cotton gloves commonly used in the industry. And a small amount of water or other dirt on the gloves will not affect the normal operation of the capacitive touch screen.

Outdoor Use Problems

Taking into account that many industrial application environments are outdoors, there will be strong light, ultraviolet rays and other interference. If  you use the capacitive touch screen of the past in outdoors for a long time. There will be aging phenomena, resulting in the capacitive touch screen can no longer be use normally. On the capacitive touch screen, CG anti-glare and UV protection functions are used. CG anti-glare refers to under strong light. The touch screen can realize diffuse reflection of the light source. Thereby reducing the intensity of light directly reflected by the touch screen to human eyes. UV protection is the function of ultraviolet protection. The special coating prevents ultraviolet rays from passing through the glass on the capacitive touch screen. Thereby greatly reducing the impact of ultraviolet rays on the equipment.

Mechanical Stability Issues Of Large-size Capacitive Touch Screen

The capacitive touch screens use in industrial grades are all G+G processes. G+G refers to Glass+Glass, which means that the capacitive touch screen is including double-layer tempere glass. Instead of a single-layer tempered glass + organic coating composition. Therefore, the industrial-grade capacitive touch screen is also very reliable in terms of mechanical stability.

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