What Is A Multi Touch Screen Panel?

What Is A Multi Touch Screen Panel?

Multi-point touch screen, using two or more points of different situation media to touch the surface of the screen. It can be perfect to achieve various multi-touch applications such as image zooming and rotation. At the same time, it has all the functions and advantages of the traditional single-point touch screen. Different from the traditional single-point touch screen. The biggest feature of the multi touch screen is that it can have two hands, multiple fingers, or even multiple people. Simultaneously manipulate the contents of the screen. More convenient and user-friendly. Multi touch screen panel technology is also called multi-touch technology.


Multi Touch Has Two Levels In Practical Applications:

1) The main control chip can collect multiple signals at the same time,

2) It is able to judge the meaning of each finger touch signal, in other words it can provide the user with gesture recognition function.

The Development Of Multi Touch Screen

In fact, the touch screen is just beginning to develop. Most of them are single-point touch screens. For example, a resistive touch screen can only support single-point touch. Later, due to the production of capacitive touch screens, multi-point touch also became popular. For example, a large-size gaming platform, as well as a large-size ordering system desktop. These product applications need to be able to support multi-touch. Because in this way, more people can participate in the touch.Like our big size capacitive touch screen 10.1 to 65 inch size, all can support multi touch points--10 touch points available.

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