What Changes Does The Conversion Of Non-touch Screens To Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Bring To Industrial Touch Machines?

The rapid development of science and technology has brought earth-shaking changes to people's lives. In just a few years, intelligence has almost swept across all walks of life. At the same time, it brings more convenient operation for users. The sense of user experience is rising again and again. Among them, taking the transformation of smart phones as an example, the previous button phones have great defects in function and experience. Today's smart phone touch operation. Not only brings more function points, the operation is simpler and more sensitive. The intelligent experience brought to users is also a few steps higher than in the past. So today let us talk about What Changes Does The Conversion Of Non-touch Screens To capacitive touch screen Panel Bring To Industrial Touch Machines?

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Industrial All-in-one Machine Basically Completes The Touchable Transformation

It is the same from mobile phone refraction to touch display equipment industry. Traditional touch display devices are not only cumbersome and dull in appearance. And in the operation, most of the interface control can be realized by connecting external devices such as a keyboard and a mouse. Since its development, the industrial all-in-one machine has completely changed the "image" of the past.

Nowadays, the industrial all-in-one machine on the market. From the inside to the outside, it has basically achieved a more intelligent experience for users. And the touch method has basically replaced non-touch products. Among them, in the choice of touch mode, the touch industrial all-in-one machine can provide touch modes such as capacitance, resistance, infrared touch, and non-touch. Nowadays, in the touch method, most industrial automation users tend to the mainstream touch method of decapacitance and resistance. However, the user needs to be based on the actual application scenarios of the product. Only by consulting the manufacturer in detail when purchasing, can you ensure that you can choose the product that meets your needs.

Advantages Of Using capacitive touch screen Panel

Industrial touch all-in-one is the mainstream product category in the market today. The main application area is industrial automation. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the use conditions such as complex, changeable, and harsh industrial environments. Compared with previous products, the use of capacitive touch screen panel has obvious advantages. In terms of stability, the stability of industrial touch screens is relatively high. And it can be more adaptable to the harsh industrial environment. Therefore, the use of touch screens has great advantages in industry.

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