Industrial Control Equipment Machine Electrostatic Cabinet Using Pcap Touchscreens Glass

Nowadays, many electronic devices display touch screens glass. Indeed, artificial intelligence technology is increasingly used. Including the display touch screen of the man-machine interactive interface. Directly replace the mouse. Although the touch screen may have a certain effect on static electricity. But pcap touchscreens Glass technology also has solutions.

Provide Anti-static Touch Screens Glass Solutions

Therefore, some current electrostatic cabinets support the use of touch screens. And most of them are capacitive screens. However, if the capacitive screen is used in an environment where there is static electricity, it will easily cause jumps, or it may not be able to directly touch. Because we all know that touch screens are very afraid of static electricity. Once static electricity is generated, the touch screen will have a great impact. Therefore, when designing the touch screen, we generally use EMC anti-static glue on the components. This can prevent when using the touch screen. Unable to touch due to static electricity.

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Rich Touch Screen Experience

Our touch screen factory has done a similar case for the touch screen outside the electrostatic cabinet. If you have a touch screen requirement, please feel free to contact us. Our engineers can provide you with a touch design solution that suits you. After-sales service is no need to worry about solving it for you properly.

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