Car touch screens: the next breaking point for Internet screens

With the rapid growth of Internet user demand and the popularization of mobile Internet. The Internet has brought tremendous changes to life. From the initial computers to mobile phones, tablets, and TVs, it can be said that this is a change in the way of thinking. So which one is the next Internet touch screen? car!

Looking at the current global automotive market, both production and sales are showing a growth trend. Behind the prosperity of the automotive industry is the rapid development of the automotive parts industry, and the LCD panel market, driven by the development of on-board touch screens, will further increase.

Touch screen application on the car

Cars have now become a highly intelligent mobile analysis system, and the data and information that people need to interactively process during driving is increasing. What this has brought about is the continuous deepening of the depth and breadth of human-vehicle interaction, and more and more on-board touch screens have greatly improved the safety of the entire driving process. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the connection between smart car display equipment and the life of the driver has become increasingly close. The on-board touch screen will be the next breaking point.

Car touch screens

Nowadays, the electrification of automobiles has deepened, and the number of on-board touch screens has increased significantly. With the increase in consumer demand for information, the demand for small and medium-sized on-board touch screens has become more obvious. Today's small and medium-sized LCD panels have huge advantages in both yield and production capacity. , Very suitable for use in automotive touch screens.

Car touch screen is a trend

Nowadays, many Internet companies and after-market companies are following the car screen. Of course, before this, the speed of automakers was not slow. In order to cooperate with more intelligent systems, there are fewer and fewer physical buttons on the car's central control, and the car screen is getting bigger and bigger. One can't help but wonder, will the car screen become the same as a mobile phone?

In fact, large touch screens on vehicles are a trend of car manufacturers for on-board screens. Although these large front-mounted screens are basically appearing on high-end models of various brands, with the rise of the concept of Internet of Vehicles, low-end and medium-end models are gradually Start to configure the corresponding in-vehicle touch screen.

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