Introduction To The Basic Principle Of Smart Touch Screen Overlay

Now the Smart Touch Screen Overlay has begun to enter every aspect of our lives. So today, let us talk about touch screen related knowledge.

Introduction To Input Devices

  1. IO input and output is a concept in computer systems. The main function of the computer is to obtain data from the outside and then perform calculations and processing to obtain the output data and output it to the outside. (The computer can be regarded as a data processor). Also computer and external interaction is through IO. So every computer has a standard input and standard output.
  2. Common input devices

Keyboard, mouse, touch screen, game joystick, sensor, (camera is not a typical input device).

Smart Touch Screen Overlay Introduction

smart touch screen overlay

1.Features Of Smart Touch Screen Overlay

(1) The touch screen has a close relationship with people. Especially the capacitive touch screen.

(2) The touch screen and the display are closely related.

(3) Typical applications: mobile phones, tablet computers, cash registers, industrial fields.

2.Classification Of Touch Screens

(1) However, common touch screens are divided into two types: resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens. And in the early days, a resistive touch screen was used. Later, people invent the capacitive touch screen .

(2) These two types have different characteristics, different interfaces, different programming methods, and different principles.

3.The Connection And Difference Between Touch Screen And Display Screen

(1) First of all, it must be clear: the touch screen is a touch screen, we can use to respond to human touch events. The display screen is a display screen for display. The display screens used today are generally LCDs.

(2) Why do many people confuse these two concepts. Mainly because the touch screen and display screen are made together on general products. Generally, the outer layer is a touch screen. The touch screen is transparent and very thin. At the bottom is the display screen for displaying images. What's more, The images you usually see are displayed on the display screen and can be seen through the touch screen.

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