Can I Use The Touch Screen With Gloves Normally?

Can I Use The Touch Screen With Gloves Normally?

As more and more touch screens are applied to our lives. Therefore, many industrial equipment have also begun to use touch screens. We all know that many industrial equipment require gloved touch screens. So many customers will ask if we can use the touch screen with gloves normally?

Ordinary Touch Screens Cannot Support Gloved Touch Screens

In fact, many of our standard touch screens cannot directly support touch with gloves. Because if you wear gloves to touch, it is quite necessary to improve the sensitivity of the touch screen. So if you touch the screen directly with gloves, you may be able to touch it. But the effect is definitely not that sensitive.

Provide A Touch Screen With Gloves Solution

We can do a solution to touch with gloves. In fact, it mainly depends on whether the chip can support touch with gloves. And customers also need to inform us of the material and thickness of the gloves. For example, many customers use cotton gloves, leather gloves, rubber gloves, etc. We need to recommend different solutions for different gloves. We need to know these most basic requirements in advance before we can recommend a suitable chip solution. And it also needs various optimizations. Let customers wear gloves to achieve the best touch effect.


So if you want to do a touch screen can support with gloves. You can confirm with touch screen manufacturer at first what’s touch controller they use. This touch controller can support with gloves or not? As i all know, the ordinary touch screen in the market can’t support with it.Generally it need to be customized.

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