What Are The Indicators And Main Performance Of The Capacitive Touch Screen CTP?

A complete touch screen system, its performance indicators include many aspects. One of the more critical is its signal-to-noise ratio.  The core indicator of the capacitive touch screen CTP. When in use, most of its performance depends on the signal-to-noise ratio. Let's take a closer look together:

SNR Of capacitive touch screen CTP

According to the relationship between the capacitive touch screen CTP and the display. The accuracy of the touch coordinates should be accurate to the requirements of each pixel on the display. With this, it can be calculated that the signal-to-noise ratio of the capacitive touch screen system is about 50 (34dB). According to the system in different environments, the signal-to-noise ratio may decrease. In the process of touching, the fingers will sweat. When a device with a capacitive touch screen moves from a colder location to a hotter location.

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A layer of water mist will appear on the surface of the capacitive touch screen. It is required that the capacitive touch screen can be used normally in both cases. Devices that use capacitive touch screens have very different working environments. The suitable temperature range must be wide, otherwise it may cause the user to remain unchanged.

Generally, the operating temperature range of capacitive touch screen is -20°C-70°C. The capacitive touch screen will age during use. The performance of the aging touch screen will decrease. Also the capacitive touch screen system must be able to correct for general aging. It can be used normally and the life of the system is prolonged. The power consumption of portable devices is often very critical. The capacitive touch screen system requires that it cannot significantly affect battery life.

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