Touch Screen For Visitor System

Once, front desk registration was an office management model. But with the advent of the new era, this approach has obviously not kept up with the development of the times, and now there is a better office management model-using the visitor system for management.The touch screen for  visitor system makes office management more intelligent.

Touch Screen For Visitor System

Realize Smart Management Touch Screen For Visitor System

The visitor management system uses a more scientific method to realize the intelligent management of the office building. Use the visitor management system for visitor registration, the management method is simple and convenient. After the visitors enter the office building. They can show their credentials on the touch screen visitor system at the front desk for visitor registration. Touch screen for vistor system can recognize a variety of documents. For example, visitors can use ID cards to identify and register. You can also scan and register on the visitor's machine with a driver's license, military officer's card, passport, Hong Kong and Macao residence permit and other documents. Multiple registration methods not only bring more convenient services to visitors. But also makes the management of office buildings more intelligent.

Touch Screen Face Recognition

After the visitor register the certificate, it will swipe the face and the open the door. Usually, the visitor management system is managed by the linkage between the visitor's machine and the barrier access control. So after it registere the certificate, and then it will open the face authority for important customers such as VIP. Visitors can directly swipe their faces to open the gates, making the passage more intelligent. In addition, the touch screen face recognition turnstiles are particularly convenient for internal employees in the office building. Then it can register the face image in the system, and swipe the face in and out for convenient traffic.

Credential registration and face-sweeping to open the door are the most popular entry . And exit management methods for office buildings in the new era. Touch screen for visitor systems has greatly improved the management level and security level of office buildings. To a large extent, the overall image of the office building has been improved, reflecting the charm of science and technology.

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