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How to Choose the Best PCAP Touch Screen Panel?

How to Choose the Best PCAP Touch Screen Panel?

In today's society, "touch is everywhere". In terms of phones, the touchscreen maturity is approaching or even surpassing the traditional physical button, which is hastening the demise of the physical button phone, while the same touch-centric tablet is squeezing the traditional PC market. As the infrastructure of the hardware is important, and a touch screen instead of physical keys became one of the most important role in human-computer interaction, the present stage by the broad masses of manufacturers purchase and use of capacitive touch screen looks almost the same, with the naked eye can't identify its essence, it also makes the touch screen into an invisible barrier, excellent touch screen can be a very good for other hardware and system applications, A crappy touch screen can limit the use of other hardware, which can affect the experience, so consumers should also take the time to experience a touch screen device, especially a large touchscreen laptop.

How to Choose the best pcap touch screen panel?

Touch screen panel is a necessary link in human-computer interaction.So its sensitivity and response speed is very important.Pcap capacitive touch screen panel is considered by many manufacturers as a mature application solution at the present stage.There are many customers will often say, other supplier's touch screen panel and your touch screen panel look the same, there is no any difference. Why is someone else's price cheaper than yours? In fact, although the appearance looks the same , but there are a lot of different materials inside, the quality of touch screen panel will directly affect the fluency of human-computer interaction process.

The capacitive touch screen is structured like a sandwich on a plate, which sits next to the electrical components in the device and acts as a shield against electrical signals that interfere with the touch screen. Contact with the "plate" and the above "bread layer" is non-conductive glass material, they are more to protect the role; The "sauce" sandwiced between the two "bread layers" is the key seasoning, which is responsible for sensing the human body electric field and detecting touch points. Whether an electronic device can bring smooth use feelings to users depends on this "sauce" to enhance the flavor.

Sensitive of Touch Screen panel

The sauce sandwiced between the two bread layers is depend on sensitive and respond speed of pcap capcitive touch screen panel.One of the things that affects sensitivity is something called the contact diameter. We can divide a capacitive touch panel into small evenly divided areas, and the contact diameter is the distance between two areas close to the center of the area. The smaller the contact diameter is, the higher the recognition rate of the touch screen is. For example, some touch screens need to press the whole area of the belly of the finger to recognize the signal, while some touch screens only need the fingertip.Take the new Windows 8 operating system, for example, the official contact diameter of the Windows 8 touch screen is 9mm, which means that when we use the touch screen, our fingers should be pressed on the screen to ensure the contact area. If you use a 9mm diameter as a metric, the system may fail to recognize the swiping gesture in some cases. For example, if you use a capacitorpen with a smaller contact area than the belly of your finger, the handwriting on the touchscreen will only be intermittent or unresponsive, so the smaller the contact diameter, the better the pcap touch screen panel .

Respond Speed of Touch Screen Panel

Touch diameter determines the sensitivity of a touch screen panel, and response time is another major factor that affects the experience of a touch screen. When using a finger or a capacitive stylus to write or draw on the screen, we will find that the track on the screen will be some distance from the pen end. If our fingertips were just moving slowly across the screen, the difference in response time between different touch screens panel would not be very noticeable. But in fact, when the user is used to the system for searching, browsing the web, writing text, drawing graphics and other operations, the movement speed of the finger or pen tip will become very fast. If the response time of a touch screen is too long, the content on the screen will lag far behind the finger or stylus, and the user will be able to slow down, affecting the experience.Also is Microsoft's official standard, it provides a touch screen panel response time should be not more than 50 milliseconds, including the introduction of contact diameter 9 mm, this is basic, can use the hardware requirements, ensure that all the pre-installed on market doing a touch screen laptop operating systems are up to this standard, but most is just pass, To truly enjoy a great experience, you need to meet a higher standard.

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