What are some common causes of touch screen issues?

What are some common causes of touch screen issues?

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Common touch screen issues

Daily maintenance of touch screen

Common touch screen issues

Touch screen has already apply in our life, but there have any common causes of touch screen issues?As we all know.many of touch screen are apply in the public environment.there have some common touch screen issues because of environment or human activities.Let us look at what are the common touch screen issues.

No response to touch after using for a period of time

Like the Pcap capacitive touch screen device ,in the using of long terms periods,because the accumulation of static electricity on the touch screen or internal control circuit,when the complete device fill the full of static electricity,it will effect the normal working of touch screen if the grounding is not good,or even more ,will cause touch screen has serious deviation or even fails.In this moment,need to turn off  the power and use a wire to discharge the internal and external ground of touch screen, then to eliminate a few of static electricity, and finally turn on the power to restart.

Like in the working of SAW touch screen,due to excessive accumulation of surface dust,if not clean frequently ,it will prevent the reception and reflection of some sound waves.Also will decrease the touch sensitive and the cause not working.How to solve this problem?You need to turn off the power of touch device,and then clear dusty on the surface slightly by clean tissues or business cards,and then restart the power,it will work normally again.

The issues of hardware

The touch screen generally use serial port for signal transmission.If the indicator light is off, it means that the signal is not controlled or the PS2 line on the control box may be broken. If the serial port is damaged or disabled, it will cause the driver cannot be installed.If have this problem, that’s mean the interface or lead need to be replaced. If the touch screen is squeezed and slightly deformed, it is because the touch area is pressed by the display housing or the cabinet housing, which will lead to inability to locate. The touch screen cursor is always at a certain point on the four side of the display. You can let the professional guys adjust the distance between the cabinet and the monitor screen a bit larger to deal with it.

Other issue

If the cursor on the touch screen only moves in a small area or the touch screen is inaccurate ,and then need to run the touch screen calibration program. After changing the monitor resolution, you find that some areas of the touch screen cannot be touched at all. It may be that the touch screen is broken. Please replace the touch screen.

Daily maintenance of touch screen

When using touch screen,because of the technical limitations and poor environmental adaptability,in special the SAW touch screen. The touch screen will be contaminated by water droplets dust,etc. and then cause the touch screen is not working.So the touch screen also need to make daily maintenance like the normal machine.Whats more,because the touch screen is a highly integrated touch all-in-one machine with a variety of electrical equipment. Therefore, good habits should be developed during use and maintenance, and some daily problems should be paid attention to.

  1. Need to use the dry cloth to clear the touch screen before turn on the power
  2. If there have water droplets or drinks on the touch screen, will cause the touch screen is not working.Its because water droplets and fingers have similar characteristics.So if have this problem, need to be wiped off.
  3. The touch screen controller can automatically determine the dust,but if there is too much dust ,it will reduce the sensitivity of touch screen, so we need to just wipe the touch screen clean with a dry cloth.
  4. Should use glass cleaner to clean dirty fingerprints and oil stains on the touch screen.
  5. Use the simplest anti-mouse modes sufficient for the application possible.Because complex modes need to sacrifice latency and system resources
  6. A pure touch screen program does not need a mouse cursor, the cursor will only make the user's attention distracted
  7. Turn the power on and off strictly according to the regulations

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