What the world would be like if touch screen for kitchen exist?

What the world would be like if touch screen for kitchen exist?

Pcap capacitive touch screen had already apply in our many product,such as Touch screen kiosk,vending machine,industry control,medical device, kitchen system and so on.We can try to image what the world would be like if touch screen for kitchen exist? In the past few years, the addition of touch screens to kitchen appliances may still be in the concept stage, the purpose is to attract customers and show the company's vision. With the development of technology and the Internet of Things, more and more touch appliances are equipped with touch screens, and in the future trend, I believe that more and more touch screens will be integrated into lower cost appliances. For consumers, driven by the Internet link and supporting application functions, the touch screen human-machine interface can solve many work environment problems while ensuring a beautiful appearance.

What are the benefits of capacitive touch screen for kitchen?


The touch screen for kitchen application system is very convenient. If a touch screen is installed in the kitchen, because the capacitive touch screen panel is inherently easy to use, it actually does not require much training for employees, because the operation of these devices is the same for a variety of foods,they can simply operate how to cook. Employees can start their jobs faster and give them more time to do other tasks.


Are you still worried that the taste of food is different every time? Or are you still worried about the poor cooking ability of novices? The projected touch screen can solve this problem for you. Because the touch screen can improve the consistency of food through programmable timing to ensure that the menu items are made in the same way every time. I believe that the food cooked in the prescribed time will taste the same.


Have you ever made dark dishes? You think the food should be cooked when it is almost cooked, or you think your food should be cooked for almost the time, it should be the perfect taste, but the result is really too bad. . Yes, I believe many people have this experience, but if you have a touch screen, it will reduce the occurrence of these situations, because it can be pre-programmed for the appropriate temperature and time, so that it can ensure that the food will not be cooked Too bad or not cooked yet.

Graphical interface

Chefs can easily find recipe pictures or detailed recipe information from all over the world on the touch screen kitchen system. There is no need to prepare information in advance or halfway through it. So this brings great convenience to the chef.

Pay attention the issues when choosing touch screen

Although touch screen for kitchen can bring us many benefits, we should pay attention to three issues when choosing touch screens, noise resistance, moisture resistance, and Gloves touch.

Noise resistance

In terms of noise immunity, our chip technology is complete to improve the ability to resist power line noise problems. Because the noise is transmitted to the power supply through the power line, and then transmitted to the touch screen controller chip.The touch controller is an extremely sensitive component, which can measure nano-coulomb-level charges. People only need to lightly touch the touch screen with their fingers to take away a small amount of charge from the screen. Therefore, we must choose a touch screen controller solution with strong noise immunity. Because noise will inject a large amount of charge into the sensor to disturb the controller, especially if the controller does not have sufficient anti-noise ability, the button may be randomly pressed by itself under the influence of the noise. Take the oven, for example, when you have cooked the food, and it restarts when you dont need it, it will bring a big safety problem to the user and cause danger. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a controller with sufficient anti-noise ability to avoid the problems caused by conducted noise.

Moisture resistance

Since water and other liquids are very common in kitchens and laundry rooms, they need moisture protection. For example, when the liquid in the pot on the stove splashes on the touch screen due to boiling, no false touch event should occur. Also, mist or droplets can cause problems. Therefore, if you want to use the touch screen in the kitchen, you should choose to be able to touch it normally when it is wet or with water, and it should not be touched by mistake.

If there is mist or small droplets on the screen, it should be designed to support multi-touch operation. Electrical appliance applications usually support two-point touch, but in terms of selection, you can require a large display screen to provide support for ten or more touches, so that multiple users can touch at the same time. If water gathers together when the user touches the screen or a large drop of water falls on the horizontal screen, the wrong touch caused by the water should be suppressed and normal single-finger operation should be supported. And if possible, choose a touch screen that can support high-conductivity liquids such as salt water or even cleaning solutions such as bleach, and avoid normal touch when these liquids are on the touch screen.

Gloves touch

Another thing to note is to be able to support touch with gloves. In the kitchen, thin or thick gloves are usually worn. In the electrical appliances currently delivered, there are several functions that have not been used in touch screen IC. These functions could provide important value to end users, but they are often overlooked and not adopted. After being opened and adjusted during the development process, the optional support glove operation function in the controller can provide multi-touch (up to 10 touches) for the gloves commonly used in the kitchen (approximately 1.5 mm thick). If the user needs to connect to the refrigerator or stove touch screen while standing by the kitchen sink wearing gloves, the glove support function may be used. More commonly, thick (up to 5 mm) gloves or oven gloves usually made of silicone are used for cooking. Therefore, when choosing a chip solution, you must also consider these functions and choose the most suitable chip solution.

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