Is Your Rental House Equipped with Access Control Touch Screens?

Touch screen for access control

According to related reports, from August 1, 2019, the Shenzhen rental house access control face recognition touch screen must bind the ID number, portrait and other information of the entry and exit personnel, and must go to the community management center for authorization and registration.

The Shenzhen Municipal Standardization Guiding Technical Document "Technical Specifications for Rental House Video Access Control Systems" (hereinafter referred to as "Specifications"), organized by the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, will be formally implemented on August 1, 2015. The new rental house video access control transmits access control and video information to the Information Center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau via the Internet.

The "Specifications" require that the occupants of rental houses have permission requirements for the use of the access control face recognition touch screen. The access rights of the occupants of the rental house should be authorized by the owner, the owner or the person authorized by the owner to the community management center; the system authorizes the key of the person who enters and exits, and sets the time period for the person who enters and exits, and can enter and exit the house. Time and other authority; the information of the check-in personnel and the key information (such as the physical card number) should be bound with the valid ID number, room number, etc. at the time of authorization. The check-in personnel information should adopt the portrait registration mode; the system also specifies the specific house address, Room number, and one-to-one correspondence with the access control point, the house address should be consistent with the address name registered by the public security organ. In addition, the system can also perform changes such as postponement, card withdrawal/logout, etc. on the authorized face recognition touch screen. When the system recognizes the deregistered face recognition touch screen, it will generate a warning message.

In addition, the new access control system has a real-time monitoring function. The new system also has functions such as real-time viewing, video recognition, real-time capture of images, statistics of access times, and alarms.

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