Are capacitive touchscreen durable?

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We can do up to 65 inch capacitive touchscreen.If like the small size touchscreen with I2C interface, you need to drive by yourself.But Like the big size touchscreen with controller board,if you use USB interface, its very easy to work.They all can support windows,android,linux operating systems.But some client use capacitive touchscreen for special environment, and then they will request a durable capacitive touchscreen.Are our capacitive touchscreen durable?The answer is of course,sure!

More than Adequate scratch resistance

Our touch screen uses 6H or 7H hardness cover glass. As long as you don’t use sharp objects to scratch, you don’t need to worry about anything damaging the surface of the touch screen, and our touch screen is also explosion-proof. If anything is unusually heavy or dropped Objects smashed down, this cover glass will not hurt people.

5 mm thick cover glass for capacitive touchscreen

We can make 5mm cover glass for capacitive touchscreen. This 5mm cover glass is strong enough to be hit with a steel hammer without cracking or breaking. Or we can also make a double-glazed solution. Some customers want to make thick glass solutions. The first is for explosion protection, such as using it on game consoles. Some people may damage the touch screen when using it. Second, if you make a two-layer cover plan, as long as the top glass is damaged, it can be replaced, and the touch screen is completely unaffected.

PCAP touch screen technology provides unparalleled weather resistance

Our touch screen is mainly projected capacitive touch screen technology, because the projected capacitive touch screen can provide excellent dust resistance and weather resistance. It can be used in any place, such as industrial control, medical equipment, smart home, agricultural control system, vending machine, vehicle-mounted system and so on.

Use Dingtouch's projected capacitive touch screen to create your own products

We have standard touch screen products for you to choose from. If you want to make a customized touch screen solution, we welcome you to contact us immediately and send us your specific needs. We can immediately evaluate the price for you.

The capacitive touch screen solutions provided by Dingtouch can make your products leave an incredible impression on your customers, customers, students or colleagues. Contact us now and ask about our touch screen!


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