Netherlands Customer Order 10.1 PCAP Touchscreen For Coffee Machine

There have many customer use pcap touch screen for coffee machine.Today, our Netherlands customer order 10.1 pcap touchscreen for coffee machine.He said,now the coffee machine is very hot selling in their country.Because every famaily and company all need the coffee machine. So what's benefit of 10.1 pcap touch screen for coffee machine?

10.1 PCAP <a href= target='_blank'>touchscreen</a> For Coffee Machine

Office Coffee Machine Enhances The Intimacy Between Employees And The Company

The office coffee area is an interactive space with integrated functions. This informal space can provide convenience for work and can also be used for employees to socialize, thereby enhancing the intimacy between employees and the company.

The Office Coffee Machine Opens A New Era

In a brand-new office era, more and more companies are creating coffee areas, which have become a place to carry office culture. At the same time, this also gives employees more complete choices and control rights, which helps to improve their physical and mental health to achieve a work-life balance.

10.1 Pcap touchscreen Coffee Machine Improve The Office Environment

Employees are the most valuable asset of an enterprise. Improving the office environment and improving employee welfare is an indispensable part of every company.

Coffee Machines In The Office Promote Effective Communication Among Employees

The office coffee machine can attract employees from various departments of the company to come here. It can helps to improve the meeting opportunities between employees, conduct cross-departmental communication. And establish a benign social network within the company.

Meet All The Requirements On The Taste Buds Of Employees

For companies with dining areas, office coffee machines are even more powerful, providing employees with a richer selection of beverages.

The Mobile Workspace Stimulates Employee Creativity

A survey of global office workers found that 77% of people have their own fixed positions. But as many as 87% of them have two to four hours a day to work outside of their own positions. However, it can meet the space needs of employees for independent work to a greater extent. And employees can stimulate creativity.

10.1 Pcap touchscreen Coffee Machine Enhances Corporate Image

When customers visit, the office coffee machine demonstrates the company's taste, shortens the distance between the two parties, relaxes the nervous mood. What's more, can improves the quality of hospitality, and allows the company to attract more potential high-quality customer groups.

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