Poland Customer Order 1000pcs 4.3 Pcap Touch Screen For Handheld Devices

4.3 Pacp Touch Screen For Handheld Device

Recently, we have a Polish customer to inquire about the use of a 4.3 PCAP touch screen on a handheld device. Yes, now small touch screen can apply in the handheld devices , such as a 4.3 PCAP touch screen. Then we will discuss today that handle device use touch screen will apply in which industry.

4.3 Pcap Touch Screen

The application of 4.3 inch Pcap Touch Screen Handled Device

With powerful data collection, data processing functions, and portability, in many industries will use handheld device. Such as footwear, logistics, retail, medical, manufacturing, finance, power, government and public utilities.

Shoes And Clothing Industry

Handheld terminals can realize inventory and storage management of shoe and clothing stores and warehouses. The data can be collected by collecting one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes of products. However, wirelessly transmitted to the server for data collection and processing, thereby improving work efficiency.

Logistics Industry

Logistics companies use handheld terminals for , such as warehouse management, transportation management, and item tracking. The express field mainly use for receiving and dispatching, and express real-name authentication.

Retail Industry

The use of handheld terminals in supermarket stores can realize functions such as store management, warehouse distribution, and goods inventory. If an RFID read-write engine is added, faster reading speed and greater throughput can be achieved, and work efficiency can be improved. With the help of handheld terminals, retail stores can perform price inquiries and modifications, inventory, and shopping guides, which will help stores improve work efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Pharmaceutical Industry

retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesale companies can use handheld terminals to inventory drugs and manage warehouse entry and exit. The use of handheld terminals in hospitals can realize ,such as mobile nursing, perform doctor rounds, patient monitoring, pharmacist dispensing and distribution, and file medical record management, etc., to improve work efficiency.

Manufacturing Industry

Handheld terminals, as the core tool of mobile information processing, carry the collection and real-time check and inquiry of information such as accessories and commodities. It can apply in production piece-rate management and production warehouse management in factories. It can also apply in reading DPM codes with special markings in fields such as automobile manufacturing.

Public Use By The Government

Handheld terminals can be used for fixed asset inventory; in the process of investigating illegal parking, the police can use handheld terminal equipment to query vehicle information, upload various illegal information anytime and anywhere. What's more, collect evidence on site to investigate illegal parking. Handled machine can apply to Municipal parking, aviation sorting, ticket inspection and other fields.

Dingtouch 4.3 Pcap Touch Screen Manufacturer

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