What Will CTP Touch Panel Bring Us For Face-swiping?

The "black technology" of face recognition that could only be seen in movies has now truly entered people's daily lives. The era of "brushing face" has really come! Face-swiping for cash withdrawal, face-swiping payment, mobile phone face-swiping to unlock, train station face-swiping to enter the station, and face-swiping to check in at work... However, CTP touch panel for  "Face-swiping" applications have shown explosive growth.

Apple’s just released iPhoneX can log in by swiping face and pay by swiping face and the application of verification and payment by swiping face has long been ahead of Apple’s iPhoneX.  This year’s Spring Festival travel season, many domestic train stations launched swiping in stations; the previous two months There are also airports that have introduced face-sweeping to pass security checks; after Alipay and KFC launched face-sweeping for dinner in September, the reporter learned that Alipay and self-pickup cabinet manufacturer Diyi started piloting self-pickup counters to pick up items in Shanghai. Follow the prompts and pick up only It takes 5 seconds.

Ctp touch panel for Sweeping Face

"Sweeping Face" Into The Station: Many Train Stations And Airports In China Have Been Widely Used

Since the Spring Festival this year, domestic railway stations in Beijing, Nanjing and many other places have introduced face-sweeping inbound channels. Starting on June 28, China Southern Airlines launched the country's first face recognition intelligent boarding system at Henan Nanyang Airport. Passengers can board the plane in seconds by swiping their faces at the boarding gate.

Scanning The Face To Catch The Fugitive: Nanning Mobile Police Terminal "Swiping The Face" To Catch The Fugitive

In addition to swiping faces to enter the station, government affairs and catch fugitives also the face recognition system. Recently, the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau of Guangxi has issued 7,800 mobile police terminals to the police. These mobile police terminals can instantly obtain information about the vehicles .And personnel under investigation through functions such as "face recognition" and "data verification". Since August Since the operation on the 25th, the Nanning police have successively found more than 180 criminal suspects through mobile police terminals, including 30 fugitives.

CTP Touch Screen For "Swipe Face" Check-in In "Hotel Smart Front Desk System"

In addition, in the hotel industry, We can through "swiping your face" on self-service check-in procedures quickly. At present, many hotels in Xiamen have launched the "smart front desk" system. This is a smart terminal similar to the size of a cash machine. The operation interface is simple and clear. Guests only need to take out their ID cards to read them, point their faces at the camera. And "swipe their faces" to quickly complete the recognition. Then choose the room by themselves, and finally use their mobile phones.

What's more,you can get the room card by scanning the QR code and mobile payment. It is understood that Xiamen is one of the first pilot cities for the application of resident ID card online authentication by the Ministry of Public Security. However, the "hotel smart front desk" is the practical application of ID card online authentication technology. In the future, we will promte the system nationwide.

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