What Is The Capacitive Touchscreen Panel Input Technology?

Classification Of Capacitive touchscreen Panel

Capacitive touch technology was born more than 30 years ago. It use a completely different technology compared to resistive touch screens. Capacitive touchscreen panel have two types: surface capacitive touch screens and projected capacitive touch screens. We can divide the surface capacitive touch screens into outer surface capacitive touch screens and inner surface capacitive touch screens. And can divide the Projected capacitive touch screens into self-capacitance touch screens and interactive capacitance touch screens.

capacitive touch screen Structure

The original outer surface capacitive touch screen was a 4-layer composite glass layer. Use IT0 (a transparent conductive material) on the glass surface to make horizontal and vertical electrode arrays. These horizontal and vertical electrodes respectively form a capacitor with the ground. This capacitance is the capacitance of the electrode to ground. When the finger touches the capacitive touch screen. It will superimpose the capacitance of the finger on the capacitance of the screen. Increase the capacitance of the screen body.

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The inner surface and the interlayer of the capacitive touch screen glass are each coated with a layer of ITO conductive layer. The outermost layer is a protective layer of silica glass with a thickness of only 0.0015 mm. The inner layer IT0 is used as a shielding layer to ensure a good working environment. The interlayer ITO coating serves as a working layer for detection and positioning. Lead out 4 electrodes on 4 corners or 4 sides. Lead out 4 electrodes controlled by the controller.

The Working Principle Of Capacitive touchscreen Panel

It plate the capacitive touch screen with long and narrow electrodes on all four sides of the touch screen. And also it will connect the voltage  to the four corners to form a low-voltage AC electric field in the conductive body. When the user touches the screen, due to the electric field of the human body. A coupling capacitor is formed between the finger and the conductor layer. And the current flowing out of the four-side electrode will flow to the touch point.

Because of the high frequency signal connected to the working surface, the finger absorbs a very small current. This current flows from the electrodes on the 4 corners of the touch screen. However, the strength of the current is proportional to the distance between the finger and the electrode. Based on this, the controller will calculate the ratio and strength of the current to accurately calculate the position of the touch point.

The Protective Effect Of Cover Glass

The double glass of the capacitive touch screen can not only protect the conductor and the sensor. It can more effectively prevent external environmental factors from affecting the capacitive touch screen. Even if the screen is dirty, dust or oil stains. The capacitive touch screen can still accurately calculate the touch position. In addition, the capacitive touch screen can be completely glued into the display and is not easily damaged. Capacitive touch screens use bonding pad bonding. With waterproof function. Very suitable for applications in harsh environments.

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