What Is The Problem That The Pcap Capacitive Touch Panel Has Not Been Reflected For A Long Time?

Pcap Capacitive Touch Panel Application

In recent years, the pcap capacitive touch panel has been widely used in banks, schools, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, photo galleries, exhibitions and other places. It is a high-tech product for public information inquiry and is deeply loved by the public. But after receiving questions from customers, what should I do if the screen response time is too long and the touch does not respond to the touch screen all-in-one opportunity?


Reasons And Solutions That Are Not Reflected On The Touch Screen For A Long Time:

1. The low version of the touch screen driver
Solution: Please install the latest version of the touch screen driver.

2. Partial coverage of the reflective stripes of the touch screen
Solution: You can use a dry cloth to wipe the screen.

3. There are moving water droplets on the screen of the touch all-in-one, which affects the response of its operation
Solution: So  please use a clean, soft cloth or towel to wipe the screen.

4. The low grade of the host of the touch screen all-in-one machine, which leads to the low clock frequency.
Solution: Please replace with a higher-grade host.

5. The touch screen control card receiving the operation signal before the touch screen driver is loaded on the host of the touch all-in-one.
Solution: Please shut down again or cut off the power to restart the computer. The response time of the touch screen all-in-one machine is too long, which is generally an inevitable phenomenon due to the long use of the touch screen all-in-one machine. When this phenomenon occurs, we can easily solve the problem as long as we check according to the above solutions.

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