Medical beauty equipment application 10.4-inch touch capacitive screen

10.4-inch touch capacitive screen

Medical beauty equipment application 10.4-inch touch capacitive screen

As people pursue beauty, the demand for beauty care is increasing, including basic care, freezing point hair removal, skin whitening and rejuvenation, anti-aging and wrinkle removal, acne scar removal, body management, etc. Therefore, equipment such as skin detectors, water-light therapy devices, hair removal devices, comprehensive device series, ultrasonic radio frequency, strong pulse and other equipment are becoming more and more popular in the market.

Laser beauty equipment is a new beauty method that has emerged in recent years. It produces high-energy, precisely focused, and certain penetrating monochromatic light, which acts on human tissue and locally generates high heat, thereby achieving the purpose of removing or destroying target tissue. It is painless, safe and reliable, and is welcomed by many people. With an appropriate amount of laser irradiation, facial wrinkles can be eliminated and the skin can be made tender and smooth.

Laser equipment is widely used in the medical field, and the touch screen is an integral part of the equipment.

They provide touch control, data display and HMI solutions.

The application of 10.4-inch touch capacitive screens in medical and aesthetic equipment can provide a more convenient and intuitive operation interface and enhance user experience. The following are some scenarios where 10.4-inch touch capacitive screens may be used in medical and aesthetic equipment:

Operation interface:

Medical aesthetic equipment usually needs to be equipped with an easy-to-operate interface so that doctors or operators can control the equipment, set parameters, and select operating procedures. The 10.4-inch touch capacitive screen provides a larger display area and can accommodate more operation buttons and information display, making operation more intuitive and convenient.

Parameter adjustment:

Medical aesthetic equipment may need to adjust different parameters during use, such as energy intensity, frequency, time, etc. The touch capacitive screen can provide precise parameter adjustment through touch operation and display the current setting value in real time, making it convenient for the operator to make adjustments.

Operation monitoring:

Touch capacitive screens can be used to monitor the working status and data information of medical and aesthetic equipment in real time. For example, the current equipment working time, spectrum, temperature and other information are displayed. The operator can monitor the equipment working status through interactive elements on the touch screen to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Data display:

Medical aesthetic equipment usually records and stores various treatment data and results, and touch capacitive screens can be used to visually display these data. Through touch operations, doctors can browse and analyze data, such as treatment records, image displays, etc., to better evaluate treatment effects and formulate follow-up treatment plans.

It should be noted that in the field of medical equipment, the stability and reliability of touch capacitive screens are very important. In addition, in order to ensure the safety and data privacy of medical equipment, touch capacitive screens should have certain security protection and data encryption functions. For medical aesthetic equipment, it is recommended to choose a touch capacitive screen supplier that is certified and meets relevant regulatory requirements to ensure the performance and safety of the equipment.

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10.4-inch touch capacitive screen


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