How does the touch screen work?

How does the touch screen work?

A touch screen is a device that enables input by touching images or buttons on the screen, and it enables interaction and control by sensing the touch of a finger or stylus. Here's a quick explanation of how a touch screen works:

There are mainly the following types of touch screen technologies:

Capacitive touchscreen: Capacitive touchscreen is one of the most common and widely used touch technologies. It is based on the capacitive effect and uses conductive materials (such as glass) as the structure of the touch panel and sensing circuit. When a finger touches the screen, the charge of the human body changes the electric field distribution on the touch pad, and the sensor on the touch pad can detect this change to determine the touch location and touch gesture.

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Resistive touchscreen: Resistive touchscreen consists of two flexible touch layers with a small gap between the layers. When a finger or stylus presses the touch screen with a certain pressure, the upper and lower touch layers come into contact, forming a current loop. The control circuit on the touch screen can detect this current loop and determine the location of the touch based on the location and degree of pressure.

Surface Acoustic Wave touchscreen: Surface acoustic wave touchscreen detects touch input through the propagation and reflection of sound waves on the touch screen surface. The touch screen surface has a pair of sound wave transmitters and receivers arranged in such a way that sound waves reflect and propagate across the touch screen surface. When a finger touches the screen, the touch interferes with the propagation of sound waves and changes their reflective properties. Receivers on the touch screen can detect these changes to determine the touch location.

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The above is a brief explanation of how the touch screen works. The specific touch technologies used may vary depending on different touch screen types and brands, but these technologies are all based on sensing touch and converting touch signals into identifiable input signals to achieve interaction and control.

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