Capacitive touch screen used in subway cockpit

subway cockpit

subway cockpit

capacitive touch screen used in subway cockpit

In today's era of rapid development, driven by technological change and innovation, the Internet of Everything has emerged.
The capacitive touch screen of the subway cockpit is an essential device located on the subway driver's console to provide interactive control and monitoring functions. It uses touch screen technology that allows drivers to operate by directly touching the graphical interface on the screen.

The functions of capacitive touch screens used in subway cockpits usually include the following aspects:

1. Train status monitoring: The touch screen can display important information such as the speed, position, braking status, and power system status of the train, helping the driver understand the train operation status in real time.
2. Train control: Through the touch screen, the driver can start, accelerate, brake and other operations of the train, adjust the train speed, and control parameters such as door switches of each carriage.
3. Route navigation: The touch screen can provide route navigation functions to help drivers choose and follow the correct driving route.
4. System fault detection and alarm: The touch screen will monitor various systems and components of the train and promptly display alarms when faults or abnormalities occur so that the driver can take appropriate measures.
5. Data recording and analysis: The touch screen can usually also record train operation data, including driving speed, line selection, etc., for subsequent data analysis and operation optimization.

The capacitive touch screen in the subway cockpit provides an efficient and intuitive operating interface, allowing subway drivers to better control and monitor train operations. Let me know if you have any other related questions!

subway cockpit

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