The Smart Era Of Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

The Smart Era Of Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

With the development of science and technology, we have ushered in the intelligent era of touch screens. Today, let’s discuss what aspects of projected capacitive touch screens applications are in our lives, right?


Smart Home Appliance Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

The main purpose is to apply the touch screen to various smart home appliances . Such as washing machines, refrigerators, range hoods, etc., To provide a full set of touch screen solutions for upgrading traditional home appliances to smart home appliances. It has the characteristics of convenient expansion, smooth multimedia playback, gorgeous special effects design, and convenient APP control. Make our lives more convenient.

Smart Small home Appliance Projected Capacitive Touch Screens

This solution mainly uses small and medium-sized touch screen smart modules. Applications include induction cookers, health pots, microwave ovens, cooking pots, wire controllers and other small appliances. It replaces the past black and white segment display, digital tube display module. It is a very good upgrade application for the intelligentization of small household appliances. After using the touch screen, it is very popular with people because of its high cost performance, practical functions and low power consumption.

Smart Mirror Capacitive Touch Screen

Now it is the era of intelligence. Many hotels and retail stores will use smart mirror capacitive touch screens. The smart mirror capacitive touch screen becomes an ordinary mirror when it is closed. When it is sensed or touched to wake up, the system starts the touch screen and lights up. It can control various smart device applications through a ten-point touch capacitive touch screen. Such as playing video/music, browsing news, weight detection and so on. Realize the linkage with the smart home system. Mainly suitable for kitchen and shower room. Various environments such as cloakroom.

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