What is Industrial Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen

What is Industrial Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen

As for the touch screen, we all often see it. For example, our current mobile phone screen is a touch screen. The bank's number calling machine is also a touch screen. So what is an Industrial Pcap capacitive Touch Screen?


General Touch Screen:

You can think that industrial touch screens are just a detailed classification of touch screens. There are two types of touch screens: industrial touch screens and general touch screens. Universal touch screen Universal touch screen is what we can often see. For example, bank's number machine, ATM, and hospital's self-service registration machine and so on. This is attributed to general-purpose touch screens, and most of their use environments are ordinary environments.

Industrial Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen:

industrial touch screen The biggest difference between industrial touch screen and general touch screen is that we use it in an industrial environment. Environmental factors are more complicated. For example, in the factory, high temperature or low temperature, vibration, dust, etc. Will have a great impact on the performance of the touch screen. Therefore, use the touch screen in a special environment. You should use products with high performance and good protection. This is our commonly use industrial touch screen.

What Is The Industrial Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen, Its Function And Classification?

Let us first understand the industrial touch screen.We use it in a special environment. It is the carrier of human-computer interaction interface. Usually we call industrial touch screen HMI (Human Machine Interface). It is the medium for information interaction between the system and the user. Transform information into a form acceptable to humans. In fact, touch screens mainly have two categories. One is the touch screen of the embedded windows system. The other is to embed the manufacturer's integrated touch screen.

Touch Screen Embedded In Windows System

The touch screen embedded in the Windows system is actually a computer. The mouse and keyboard of the computer were cancelled, and the screen was made into a touch shape. We embed this kind of touch screen with Windows system. The actual operation is the same as other computers. You can also install a variety of software, in fact, the mouse and keyboard are concentrated on the screen. If this kind of touch screen wants to do industrial monitoring. It is necessary to install configuration software to monitor the relevant parameters of the equipment and display the process engineering. This configuration software is the same as other software that we usually install on the computer. Install the software into the system. We can choose to automatically start this configuration software when turn on the system. We should set the specific functions  in the software and the computer.

Integrated Touch Screen

Manufacturer-integrated touch screen This touch screen is developed separately by the manufacturer. It is not embedded in the Windows system. Integrate the configuration software directly with the touch screen. We commonly use this kind of touch screen equipment for industrial control. Generally smaller and more stable to use. Because the touch screen system is actually this software. Instead of installing a software based on the Windows system. So it is more stable. For programming, you need to use the manufacturer's dedicated programming software for operation. All major manufacturers have their own programming software.

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