The Difference Between Man-machine Interface And Projected Capacitive Touch Glass

With the development of science and technology, Projected Capacitive Touch Glass are now becoming more and more popular. In our lives, We have install many devices with touch screens. Now the man-machine interface is also very hot. Many customers will not be able to distinguish what is a human-machine interface? What is a touch screen? Then let's talk about the difference between them today.


What Is The Man-machine Interface?

Human Machine Interaction (HMI). Also known as user interface or user interface. It is a medium and dialogue interface for transferring and exchanging information between people and computers. And It is also an important part of the computer system. It is also a conversion between the media for interaction and information exchange between the system and the user. There are man-machine interfaces in all fields that participate in man-machine information exchange.

What Is A Projected Capacitive Touch Glass?

We also call Touch screen (touch screen) is "touch screen" or "touch panel". It is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. When we touch the graphic buttons on the screen , the tactile sensation on the screen . The feedback system can drive various connection devices according to pre-programmed programs. We can use it to replace mechanical button panels and create dynamic audio-visual effects through the liquid crystal display. The touch screen is the latest computer input device. It is the most current computer input device. A simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction belongs to the human-computer interface.

The Difference Between Man-machine Interface And Projected Capacitive Touch Glass

But the man-machine interface is not necessarily all touch screen. Some are equipped with several buttons on the operation panel. The screen of the PLC can through buttons to run this interface. It is only used to observe the parameters without touch operation function. There are also host computers, text displays and so on. Generally speaking, "touch screen" is just a kind of input device with touch operation function man-machine interface. The man-machine interface with touch input function is used to be called "touch screen"!

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