What Is The Difference Between Industrial Capacitive Touchscreens And LCD Display?

What Is The Difference Between Industrial Capacitive touchscreens And LCD Display?

We all know that many industries now use smart touch screens. In the age of modernization, touch screens are widely used. Many of the customers who have been in contact recently are not clear about the difference between the industrial capacitive touchscreens and the LCD display, and they think it is a whole product. Then, what is the difference between the two, I will help you answer today.


The LCD screen is the same as our computer screen. As the inner screen, it mainly displays images. The popular display panels on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: VA, IPS and TN. They are different due to their respective materials and structures. Its characteristics are also different.

1.VA Type Panel

VA panel is the panel type with more high-end LCD applications. Compared with TN panels, 8bit panels can provide 16.7M colors and large viewing angles are the capital of this type of panel positioning high-end. But the price is also more expensive than the TN panel. VA panels can be further divided into MVA panels led by Fujitsu and PVA panels developed by Samsung.  Therefore,the relationship between the latter and the former is inherited and improved.

1) Fujitsu's MVA Technology

Fujitsu's MVA technology (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment, multi-quadrant vertical alignment technology) can be said to be the earliest wide viewing angle LCD panel technology. So this type of panel can provide a larger viewing angle, usually up to 170°. The visual angle of the improved VA panel can reach 178° close to the horizontal. And the response time can reach below 20ms. Through technology authorization, panel companies such as Chi Mei Electronics (Qingjing Optoelectronics) and AU Optronics in Taiwan Province of my country have adopted this panel technology.

2) Samsung's PVA Technology

PVA is a panel type exclusively launched by Samsung. It has been further developed and improved on the basis of the Fujitsu MVA panel. Is an image vertical adjustment technology. This technology directly changes the structure of the liquid crystal cell. The display performance can be greatly improved and the brightness output and contrast ratio better than MVA can be obtained. The response time of early PVA and MVA is 25ms. Last year, Samsung extended an improved S-PVA based on PVA, with a viewing angle of 170 degrees. With the pressure chip, the response time of S-PVA has been improved to the gray-scale level, and the contrast ratio exceeds 700:1.

 2.IPS Type Panel:

The biggest advantage of IPS panels is the accuracy of color reproduction. Therefore, we see IPS panels on almost all professional or quasi-professional LCD monitors. The outstanding features are large viewing angles, bright colors, and delicate pictures. One of the main LCD panel types currently used in displays.

Industrial Capacitive <a href= target='_blank'>touchscreen</a>s

The IPS type panel was first introduced by Hitachi, Japan in 2001. It uses the method of switching the plane of the liquid crystal molecules to improve the viewing angle. Use the space thickness, friction strength and effectively use the changes driven by the transverse electric field. Let the liquid crystal molecules do the maximum plane rotation angle to increase the viewing angle. No additional compensation film is needed in the manufacture of goods. The display can also achieve higher contrast visually. The viewing angle can be increased to 160 degrees, and the response time can be shortened to less than 40ms. Therefore,

IPS-type liquid crystal panels have the advantages of large viewing angles and delicate colors. It looks more transparent, but the slower response time and the difficulty of improving the contrast are also fatal shortcomings of this type of panel. The second-generation IPS panel, the S-IPS panel, introduced new technologies to improve the grayscale reversal phenomenon at certain specific angles. Products that use this type of panel on the market now include: Apple M9177, BenQ FP2092, etc.

3.TN Type Panel:

TN is called Twisted Nematic (twisted nematic) panel. The outstanding features are low cost, fast response speed, and a larger viewing angle can be obtained by attaching a wide viewing angle compensation film. This type of LCD panel is used in entry-level and mid-range products. The price is affordable and low, and it is selected by many manufacturers. Technically, compared with the first two types of liquid crystal panels, the technical performance is slightly inferior. It cannot show 16.7M brilliant colors, only 16.2M colors. (6bit panel). But the response time is easy to improve. The viewing angle is also subject to certain restrictions, and the viewing angle will not exceed 160 degrees. LCDs using this type of panel now account for 90% of the market.

Industrial Capacitive touchscreens

The industrial capacitive touchscreens is what we call an external screen, and it does not have the function of displaying images. Because it is fully transparent, looks like a piece of glass, and is used to control the components. Simply put, the industrial capacitive touchscreens can be understood as many buttons arranged together. Although these buttons are invisible. It realizes the touch function through man-machine interaction through the corresponding driver.

The reason why the LCD screen and the touch screen are connected together is often because of the misunderstanding caused by the two being fixed together. The touch screen is attached to the surface of the display screen and used in conjunction with the display screen.So if you can measure the coordinate position of the touch point on the screen. Then, according to the display content of the corresponding coordinate point on the display screen, the image of the toucher's intention can be learned.

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