What Are The Important Components Of TFT Display Module And PCAP Capacitive Touch Screen?

What Are The Important Components Of TFT Display Module And PCAP Capacitive Touch Screen?

The tft touch screen is also called the touch screen assembly, which mainly consists of two parts. One is the tft display module, and the other is the pcap capacitive touch screen. The two are combined to form a tft touch screen. Do you know what are the important components of the tft touch screen? Today we will talk about it in detail.

TFT Display Module


1) TFT Display Panel

An important part of the tft display is the panel. The panel is the part that fills the liquid crystal. It is an important factor that determines the display effect.

2) TFT Display Backlight

The tft display itself does not emit light. It only emits light after the backlight is installed. Therefore, every tft display cannot lack the tft display backlight. The backlight brightness can range from 200-2000. Different brightness depends on customer requirements.

3) TFT Display Cable

The tft display cable is a cable connecting the touch screen and the motherboard. Flexible materials are conducive to bending, and most TFT display modules will be designed with cables.

Pcap Capacitive Touch Screen

1) Touch screen cover

The touch screen cover is the outermost layer of glass we touch. Its main function is to play a protective role. Generally, the higher the hardness of the touch screen cover, the better.

2) Touch Screen SENSER

In capacitive touch screens, it generally refers to ITO Sensor. A touch screen has M X-axis and N Y-axis ITO Sensors that are staggered horizontally and vertically. So it is used to sense the (X, Y) coordinates of the finger touch position.

3) Touch Screen Cable

The touch screen also has a cable. Generally, it is directly welded on the cable of the tft display to form a touch + display function.

In addition to the above, there are many components of the tft touch screen. The tft touch screen is a multi-component and complex process. It also includes IC. Both the tft display and the touch screen require one or more ICs, polarizers, etc. 

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