Dingtouch Can Provide Touch Screen For Refrigerator

Now the touch screen has also begun to enter our lives. Such as thermostats, smart induction cookers, smart gates, or smart refrigerators. These product applications all use touch screens. So today, let us talk about the benefits of the touch screen for refrigerator.

The Benefits Of The Touch Screen For Refrigerator:

1) Setting Through The Touch Screen

In daily operation, we can make various settings for the refrigerator through the touch screen. Or you can use the voice function to "play" the big screen more conveniently. For example, we can search movies, search recipes, search music and so on by voice. At the same time, the speed and accuracy of the touch screen for Refrigerator's speech recognition are also very good. And the advantages of voice control are self-evident, especially when everyone can’t cook. Voice interaction is undoubtedly the best choice.

Touch Screen For Refrigerator

2) Touch The capacitive touch screen To Watch A Drama Or Listen To Music

In terms of video content, the touch screen for refrigerator can be connected to the iQiyi client and has a large number of video resources. Users can log in directly to their account. In this way, you can continue to chase your favorite dramas on the refrigerator. If you suddenly want to listen to music while cooking. At this time, the hands are likely to be covered with oil stains, which makes it inconvenient to take out the mobile phone to operate. With this refrigerator, you only need to move your mouth to achieve your goal.

3) View The Recipe

If you want to cook a new dish for your family today, then the touch screen can also help you easily check the recipe. Gently touch the capacitive screen to search for how to make braised pork. Then various recipes and practices will be presented on the big screen, which is more convenient than checking recipes on a mobile phone. And the large-size touch screen is very convenient to operate. The user can clearly see each step of the operation, and the cooking is more relaxed.

4) Online Shopping Via Touch Screen

In addition, we can also shop through the touch screen for Refrigerator. Search for the items you want to buy through the touch screen. And you can see the shape of the product more clearly. Especially when buying vegetables, fresh food, seasonings and other kitchen items. Can complete the process of selecting goods faster. And the items can be delivered to the home faster, bringing a more user-friendly shopping experience.

Dingtouch PCAP Touch Screen Manufacturer

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