Application Of Multi Capacitive Touchscreens In Retail Store

Touch Screens Bring Benefits To Retail Stores

The benefits of using Multi Capacitive touchscreens technology on retail platforms are numerous. Retailers have improved service quality and customer satisfaction. Consumers order non-store stocks. That is, the electronic warehouse has increased sales. Because the touch computer is a fully enclosed device full of charm. It provides retailers with comprehensive solutions. It saves them the space and high cost of setting up a closed enclosure around the display screen. In addition, touch technology enhances the usability of computers. Make the platform more attractive and intuitive. It can be used by even the least technically knowledgeable person.

Multi Capacitive touchscreens Applications In Retail Stores

For example, in the music industry, every salesperson has to face such challenges. How to get customers to stop and try your tape or CD to decide whether to buy. All the focus is how to get customers to audition. For a while, relying on providing award-winning music and videos. Only recently have I found a way to bring children and parents in and let them enjoy interesting interactive music previews.

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The solution is to use an interactive kiosk, each using a touch screen. Customers (including preschool children who are not literate yet) can use it to select the song they want to listen to or preview the actual video. In this way, you can gain the trust of consumers and ensure that the lobby in the store is not empty. One of the keys to the success of this project is the use of a convenient touch screen interface. A traditional keyboard can cause disaster on a self-service machine. With a touch screen, there will be no wrong keystrokes. There are no longer any barriers between children and all kinds of multimedia information.

Touch Screen Makes Information Access Fun

If you use the keyboard throughout the system, those who don't like computers and those who are afraid of computers will immediately walk away. The music store has many elderly customers. They don't understand and don't want to understand what F1 means on the keyboard. Everyone knows how to put their finger on the screen to open the content they are interested in. It is intuitive and simple. The touch screen makes information access interesting. Since touch kiosks can help customers order things that are not on the shelves, it is beneficial to customers and retail stores.

Retail stores do not need to increase staff and retail space. Only using electronic catalogs can increase sales. And customers can have more choices. Knowing the information they are interested in promotes "impulse buying" research on touch self-service kiosks. It shows that by providing customers with more updated information and various products, spontaneous purchases by customers are increased.

Use The Multi Capacitive touchscreens To Provide Advice

Retailers face big problems when hiring and training qualified employees. Due to lack of product knowledge. Many employees are unable to provide customers with valuable advice or information. The interactive display allows customers to access hundreds of products. And give the intuitive detailed information of these products. This is especially helpful for retailers during holidays.

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