Wonderful World, Multi Capacitive Touch Screens Is Everywhere

The 21st century is an era of rapid development. The development and application of multi capacitive touch screens are also waiting for rapid development in this era. Various types of touch screens, from resistive touch screens to capacitive touch screens, infrared touch screens, surface acoustic wave touch screens, electromagnetic touch screens, etc. have been rapidly developed and popularized. Especially on multi capacitive touch screens.


Since the advent of the iPhone, multi capacitive touch screens have ushered in an explosive period. The application of capacitive touch screens replaced the era of resistive touch screens. It far surpasses other types of touch screens. Now capacitive touch screens have become ubiquitous. As small as smart watch bracelets, as large as the application of all-in-one advertising machines in shopping malls. The capacitive touch screen has been Zou Jing in every corner of our lives in just a few years. Today we are talking about the capacitive touch screen "fitting room".

Multi Capacitive Touch Screens Apply To The Fitting Room

Now the development of technology is also changing their fitting room experience and interactive touch screen. Shown in the way that mobile technology can be integrated into physical stores. Now we are all redefining how e-commerce is digital and the touch screen experience in the fitting room. This allows consumers to change in different lighting. And ask for help from the front end of the size or color of the internal store staff.

The touch screen function solves the actual problems of consumers and employees. Consumers can directly click on the touch screen to try different clothes. If you encounter something you like, you can click to call the waiter directly to get the clothes and try them on again. There is no invisible service during the whole process, all of them try on clothes according to their own hobbies.

The Arrival Of The Touch Era

Capacitive touch screens have been all over our daily lives. People can't do without this kind of simple and learn-free operation. Whether it is a toddler or an old man, it can be operated effectively and correctly. There is no threshold at all. In the future, there may be more convenient and convenient operation methods. But this era is already the era of touch control. This is not an unchangeable fact.

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