How To Solve The Reflectiveness Of Multi Capacitive Touch Screen?

With the development of science and technology, touch screens are widely used in many products. Brings a lot of convenience to our lives. However, there may be many problems in the use of capacitive touch screens. For example, using capacitive screens outdoors to reflect light. It can cause problems that cannot be seen clearly. So today let us discuss how to solve the reflectiveness of capacitive touch screens.

How To Solve The Reflectiveness Of Multi Capacitive Touch Screen

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Debug The Light Source

Most of the covers used in capacitive touch screens are made of glass. We all know that glass is made of high transmittance. However, its reflectivity mainly refers to the overlapping of light. And shadow behind the image due to specular reflection. Such as figures, windows, lights, etc. The reflection is that the negative effect brought by the touch screen is as small as possible. It will affect the user's browsing speed, and even unable to recognize image characters in severe cases. The use environment of highly reflective touch screens is restricted. So you can try to debug the lighting arrangement of the scene. This can reduce part of the reflection.

Use Anti-glare Multi Capacitive Touch Screen

In addition to adjusting the light of the light, another solution is to add anti-glare treatment to the touch screen cover. So what is anti-glare? AG glass is also called anti-glare glass. It is a kind of glass that is specially processed on the glass surface. Its characteristic is to change the reflective surface of the original glass into a matte non-reflective surface (the surface is uneven). The principle is to subject both sides or one side of high-quality glass sheets to special processing.

Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflectivity, and the light reflectivity is reduced from 8% to less than 1%. Use technology to create clear and transparent visual effects, allowing viewers to experience better sensory vision. So if your product is applied outdoors or under strong light environment. Want to solve the reflective problem of the touch screen. Then you can consider using an anti-glare touch screen.

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