Application Fields And Characteristics Of Conference Touch Screen

Wide Application Of Conference Touch Screen

It's the beginning of the school season again. Many schools and training institutions or companies are purchasing large amounts of equipment, office learning computers or conference equipment. So the conference touch screen is an emerging high-tech electronic touch device. With stylish appearance, convenient and simple operation, powerful and rich functions, and simple installation and waiting features. And it was quickly loved by the majority of users. However,It has become a must-have application device in daily life, occupying a new wave of trends in the market. Advances in the era of intelligent technology often bring great changes to our lives.

 Conference Touch Screen

The wide application of conference touch screen in the commercial field has changed the traditional conference mode. Innovated the multimedia efficient meeting method, greatly improving the efficiency of the meeting. A variety of practical functions and humanized design understand the development needs of the market better. The conference touch screen is an all-in-one device with touch function. With computer, TV, touch screen, multimedia, audio, Internet and other functions. We can use it for conference teaching, query display, attendance printing and so on. The application environment has low requirements and can meet the needs and applications of users in different geographical locations.

Advantages Of Conference Touch Screen:

In the field of education, it can realize the multimedia and diversification of digital teaching. Thereby, helping teachers and students learn more quickly. However,in the enterprise field, the conference touch screen teaching can replace the traditional projector. Realize meeting touch and change the original meeting mode:

1)convenient and efficient meetings

The meeting touch screen allows you to hold convenient and efficient meetings. Avoid 60% of the time that exists in many corporate meetings is wasted. What's more,even up to 50% of the conference information transmitted is a problem of wastage.

2)By applying the meeting touch screen function.

You can visually display the meeting PPT, video, WORD document, picture, etc. that you have fully prepared. What's more, it can even realize the demonstration of software and the integrated utilization of network resources.

3)The vivid and exciting training on the conference touch screen

However,the vivid and exciting training on the conference touch screen is more able to attract the attention of colleagues. Let the training session end easily with your touch. End boring and inefficient meetings, and the training effect will be doubled.

4)The conference touch screen has built-in high-sensitivity writing software.

Whether it is a stylus or a finger, you can write on the conference tablet. Humanized touch gesture design, move, zoom out, eraser and other functions can be switched at your fingertips. When you touch the screen in a large area, you can quickly call the blackboard eraser function. At the same time, you can make comments on the key points of the meeting. Therefore,we can save the meeting records with one key, which is convenient for viewing after the meeting.

5)There is no need to lay an expensive dedicated video conference line network.

Through the built-in wifi, high-definition, smooth.And stable remote video conferences can be realized with only ordinary networks. Also in the remote meeting mode, it can share the screen in real time in different places. The whiteboard function supports two-way graffiti operation. So Multi-party discussion and real-time interaction, vivid and lifelike, like living in a room.

Nowadays, the application field of conference touch screen is very extensive. In enterprises, colleges, hotels, finance, institutions, etc. With the help of the meeting touch screen, the meeting becomes more relaxed and the atmosphere is lively. The enthusiasm of the participants greatly improved the overall efficiency of the meeting.

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