How many inches are the medical capacitive touchscreen?

The widespread use of medical capacitive touch screen has been applied in all walks of life. For example, capacitive touch screens have been widely used in medical devices. So how many inches are the capacitive touch screens of medical equipment? I will summarize them for a long time below, hoping to help you.

1. Small size medical capacitive touch screen

There are many varieties of medical devices. Medical capacitive touchscreens used in various medical devices vary in size and size specification. However, the products used in similar medical devices are also traceable. Generally, medical devices that use small-sized medical capacitive touch screens are portable or wearable medical products. Health bracelet, oximeter, vision screener, etc. What is the common size of the medical capacitive touchscreen commonly use in medical instruments? Generally speaking, there are 2.0-inch, 2.4-inch, 2.8-inch, and 3.5-inch screens. .

2. Medium size medical capacitive touch screen

We are widely use the medium-sized medical capacitive touch panel. Such as monitors, immune analyzers, laser therapy devices, electrocardiographs, automatic blood cell analysis, blood cell analysis, blood glucose testers, infusion pumps, etc. Usual sizes include 4.3 inches, 5 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9.7 inches, 10.1 inches, etc.


3. Large size medical capacitive touch screen

The medical instrument is a large capacitive touchscreen. Mainly medical equipment used in hospitals. It belongs to medium and large medical equipment. Generally have 10.4 inches, 15.6 inches and so on.

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