Industrial touch screen kit application in hospital triage, waiting room and department

In the past, medical triage and waiting were all waiting outside the department. The queues were basically called manually. With the development of science, this phenomenon is gradually improving. Intelligent, information-based, visual calling and triage , The application of waiting technology in the medical field. The outpatient call and triage queuing system refers to the outpatient building and the inpatient building of the hospital. As well as the intelligent call system and management system used in various waiting, charging and medicine collection in the complex building. Nurses and doctors can call patients in an orderly manner through this system. Standardize the order of the hospital and modernize the outpatient management. This all relies on the industrial touch screen kits of the industrial machine to be realized.

industrial touch screen kits become intelligent

Implement a triage queuing management system. It can reflect the hospital's consideration for the working environment of doctors and the medical environment of patients. It reflects the advanced and scientific nature of the hospital window service. At present, the degree of management informatization in various industries is gradually improving. This also prompts the management of hospitals to move closer to a more advanced and scientific way. The implementation of the management system for triage and queuing is produced in accordance with the current environment.

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industrial touch screen kits provides a good environment

In the past, because of the large number of patients. During the process of patient consultation, patients often need to queue in front of the consultation room to wait for the doctor to call. This aspect seriously affects the work of doctors. In addition, patients are also placed in a long-term waiting state. After the application of a more advanced triage system. As long as the patient gets the license plate, there is no need to wait anxiously in front of the clinic. They can wait quietly in the hospital lobby for prompts from the system and triage touchscreens. Then go to the doctor later. This greatly reduces the queuing time.

And it also solves some confusion, queue cutting, crowding and disorder in the management of medical service. Really make the hospital equal and orderly. To form a quiet and peaceful medical environment for the hospital. Therefore, create a better working environment for nurses and doctor team management;

Increased efficiency

The triage queuing system and the application of the touch screen in the consultation room can be compatible with the medical insurance card and the hospital's consultation card. It is convenient for patients to register, inquire, collect medicines, and pay bills. It can solve the interface connection between the call and triage queuing management system and the hospital management database system. And leave room for expansion and update as appropriate. In order to adapt to the current and future high-tech products

Expansion required. Patients do not need to travel back and forth between the clinics. Effectively enhance the overall image of the hospital.

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