What are the common reasons and solutions for capacitive touch screen insensitivity?

1. capacitive touch screen has static electricity

The capacitive touch screen needs to be cleaned. Static electricity on capacitive touch screens may also cause touch screen failures. At this time, you only need to gently wipe the entire screen with your hands.

2. Software conflict or incompatibility

You can try pressing the lock screen key several times. Many times, capacitive touch screen failures are due to slow response caused by software conflicts or incompatibilities. Therefore, pressing the lock screen key back and forth a few times may restore it.

3. There is water on the capacitive touch screen

Some capacitive touchscreens support wet-water operation. But there are also many capacitive touch screens as long as there are water drops on the screen or the phone has water. It will cause the mobile phone to malfunction. If you're not sure if that's the reason, you can wipe the capacitive touchscreen clean right away. Check to see if the capacitive touch screen returns to normal use.

4.capacitive touch screen hardware problems

External force or damage caused partial failure of capacitive touch screen. This is generally a screen failure due to capacitive touch screen issues. In this case, you can send the capacitive touch screen to repair and try to replace it with a new capacitive touch screen.

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