10.4-inch industrial touch screen computer

10.4-inch <a href= target='_blank'>industrial touch screen </a>computer

10.4-inch <a href= target='_blank'>industrial touch screen </a>computer

10.4-inch industrial touch screen computer

The 10.4-inch industrial touch screen computer is a touch screen device specially designed for industrial applications, with precise touch positioning and industrial-grade computer functions. Here are some features of the device:

1. Size: 10.4-inch screen size, moderate size suitable for most industrial application scenarios.
2. High-precision touch: Using high-precision touch technology, it can accurately capture the user's touch position and achieve precise operation and control.
3. High-brightness display: The screen has high-brightness display characteristics and can be clearly visible even under strong light or outdoor environments.
4. Anti-seismic and impact-resistant: It has a design that is anti-seismic and anti-impact, and can adapt to vibration and impact in industrial environments.
5. Dust-proof and waterproof: The equipment is dust-proof and waterproof, and can operate normally in dusty and high-humidity industrial environments.
6. Industrial-grade computer: Built-in powerful industrial-grade computer with high-performance processor, large-capacity storage and rich interfaces, which can meet the requirements of industrial applications.
7. Scalability: Supports a variety of expansion interfaces, such as USB, serial port, Ethernet, etc., to facilitate connection and communication with other devices.

These characteristics make the 10.4-inch industrial touch screen computer suitable for various industrial fields. The industrial touch screen provides an efficient and intuitive operation interface, which can make the equipment operate more safely and efficiently, such as automation control, logistics management, production monitoring, etc., providing reliable touch Operations and data processing capabilities.

10.4-inch industrial touch screen computer

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