What characteristics does industrial capacitive touch screen represent in the Industrial Internet?

What characteristics does industrial capacitive touch screen represent in the Industrial Internet?

What characteristics does industrial capacitive touch screen glass represent in the Industrial Internet?The Industrial Internet is not a simple application of the Internet in industry. Rather, it has a richer connotation and denotation. It is not only the infrastructure for industrial digitalization, networking, and intelligent transformation. It is also an application model of deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy.

At the same time, it is also a new business form and new industry, which will reshape the enterprise form, supply chain and industrial chain. Industrial touch screens as an integral part of smart machines. Technology with a high degree of human-computer interaction is being adopted. Make people's life more convenient and intelligent. With the vigorous development of domestic digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, the industrial touch screen industry has realized multi-scenario applications:

Industrial capacitive touch screen glass industry application scenarios:

1. Large shopping malls.

Industrial touch screens installed in public areas such as shopping malls. It can help users to release the latest shopping guides, promotions and other content news in real time. Provide information retrieval, map guidance and other functions for the people who come and go, and ultimately improve the user experience.

2. Financial industry

industrial touch screen installed in the business hall of banks, stock exchanges, etc. Financial institutions can present and present the latest business and event notifications to customers. Help customers complete self-service queuing and online business processing.

industrial touch glass

3. Transportation industry

The industrial touch screen man-machine interface is set up in densely crowded traffic places such as stations, airports, and intelligent bus booths. However, supports playback of timetables, safety education videos, entertainment news and other traffic information. It can effectively alleviate the waiting mood of passengers and improve the service level.

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