What Is The Adaptability Of Capacitive Touch Panel Screen In Industrial Wide-temperature Environments?

What is the adaptability of industrial Capacitive Touch Panel Screen with different touch modes in an industrial wide temperature environment? What is the temperature range?

Capacitive Touch Panel Screen

The working principle of a capacitive touch screen is to use a touch sensor to induce an induced voltage on the conductor on the screen. Thereby, a relative current is generated, and the touch point is measured by distance. In the case of low temperatures. The skin surface of the hands has low moisture content. Also the dry and cold skin has poor conductivity. At the same time, when the ambient temperature is low, it will affect the performance of the sensor . Industrial capacitive touch screens cannot recognize the touch position well and cause the touch screen to malfunction. The operating temperature of the touch screen is usually between -5°C and +60°C, especially in winter, the northern area is more affected.

Resistive Touch Screen:

The resistive touch screen is less affected. On the one hand, it is because of the different processes used. It works through the miniature circuit on the touch screen. And the temperature will weakly affected it. On the other hand, the technological level of resistive touch screens is relatively mature. The materials used are all tested and inherited. However, the resistive touch screen require the temperature to between -20℃~65℃, which can meet most of the use environments.

capacitive touch panel screen

Infrared Touch Screen:

The accuracy of the infrared touch screen is completely free from current, voltage and static electricity interference. Suitable for all kinds of light pollution environmental conditions. However, the infrared touch screen is easily damaged and aging due to its single sensor. Moreover, the touch interface cannot withstand pollution, destructiveness, maintenance and other problems and is limited. When the temperature is extremely low, the static electricity generated during the use of the industrial touch screen is likely to attract dust, which will affect the use. Suitable for use in the aerospace field.

Surface Acoustic Wave Screen:

It shows that the sonic touch screen has very high definition, and the light transmittance can reach 92%. Scratch resistance, sensitive response, and accuracy is completely independent of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. In contrast, the cost of construction and maintenance costs are also high. Surface acoustic wave screens require frequent maintenance. If dust, oil stains or even liquid stains on the surface of the touch screen. Will cause blockage of the waveguide groove on the surface of the touch screen.

The sound wave cannot be emitted normally or the waveform changes and the controller cannot recognize it correctly. Therefore, strict attention should be paid to environmental hygiene. The surface of the touch screen must be wiped frequently to keep it smooth. And make a complete erasure on a regular basis. So if the surface of the sonic screen is condensed or oily in winter, it will be quite troublesome to clean.

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