How Is The Capacitive Touch Screen Waterproof ?

We often see some large-size touch screens outdoors, so how do they make them capacitive touch screen Waterproof? Follow the touch screen editor to learn about it.

In the current capacitive touch screen, the waterproof process is mainly to waterproof the components by applying sealant. This waterproof method can only protect the IC area. The pressing part of the capacitive touch screen is also an area where water is easy to short-circuit. Generally, the waterproof mobile phone will be sealed by the structure of the case in the pressing area. But once the structure is damaged, there is no waterproof effect.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a waterproof treatment process for a capacitive touch screen. Through the conductive lines that expose the touch screen. The component pad area is sealed. Realize the waterproof function of the touch screen. It has the characteristics of simple process and good waterproofness.

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The Process Of Making A capacitive touch screen Waterproof

1) Capacitive touch screens are used in the production of functional sensors. Insulation printing is added to the circuit in the pressing area. As a waterproof and anti-corrosion treatment. The exposed conductive part of the functional film sensor is only the silver glue PIN in the nip area.

2) After the flexible circuit board FPC is printed in SMT, it is treated with transparent sealant. So seal the exposed pads of the chip IC, capacitors, resistors, and diode components with sealant;

3) After the functional chip sensor is made into a small chip and tested for its function. Do hot press with flexible circuit board FPC, and do function test after pressing. Then brush insulating sealant water, UV dry;

4) The circuit after the functional chip sensor and the flexible circuit board FPC are pressed together. After the small piece bonding process, it is pasted with the glass cover plate. The floating part between the flexible circuit board FPC and the cover is glued together with double-sided adhesive. Few exposed copper parts of the flexible circuit board FPC on the sensor surface of the functional film. Seal the white sealant and do the sealing treatment.

Compared With The Prior Art, capacitive touch screen Waterproof Has The Following Advantages.

The metal parts that are easily oxidized and short-circuited by exposing the capacitive touch screen to the air are all sealed. Make the touch screen after processing is completed. Therefore, no more oxidizable conductive parts are exposed in the air. In this way, after the water enters, the normal function of the touch screen is not affected and the waterproof effect is achieved. So it has the characteristics of simple process and good waterproofness. It can be used for touch screens such as G+G structure, G+F structure, G+FF structure, OGS structure, etc. Without changing the product structure. Seal lines that are easily exposed. Make waterproof seals for all possible short-circuit places of the touch screen.

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