Germany Customer Acquired 100,000 Pieces Capacitive Touch Glass Screen For Use In Express Cabinets

The express cabinet is a new product of logistics. It can be seen in many communities and public places. Users only need to scan the code through a specific number and mobile phone to pick up the package. The touch screen on the express cabinet is the main control module. Now, such new express cabinets are very common. The market coverage is very large. This time the customer bought the mainstream G+G capacitive touch screen on the market. Large transaction volume, one-time payment. This shows that the Capacitive Touch Glass Screen we produce are of good quality and have a high usage rate. In line with popular usage habits, etc.

This is our German customer. This time, I spoke with one hundred thousand touch screens. Mainly done on express cabinets. Because we have worked together many times before. So the client intends to do this big business with us. Because the production volume is relatively large, there are some small differences in communication convenience. Mainly the small details of the touch screen. But in a big way, customers trust us very much. After constant negotiation, we finally finalized this list.

capacitive touch glass screen

 Capacitive Touch Glass Screen Production

In the choice of touch screen, the customer chose the G+G capacitive touch screen, which has a higher usage rate and better touch operation on the market. The performance of G+G capacitive touch screen is better. The screen is transparent and clear. The feel of the screen and the smoothness of sliding have been praised by many customers in the past. And it is important that the G+G capacitive type is made of glass cover and tempered functional film. Supports multi-touch at the same time. Many features make the G+G capacitive touch screen very well received in the market. After finalizing the order, we started to open the mold and prepare for mass production.

One month later, the production of 100,000 touch screens has initially come to an end. The remaining work is to carry out anti-collision test, service life test, high temperature resistance and cold resistance test on the touch screen. Because express delivery of containers is a 24-hour continuous work, the touch screen used is much better than ordinary screens in terms of quality and environmental adaptation. Even so, because the G+G capacitive touch screen is made of imported materials, it can withstand the test.

Delivery Of 100,000 Capacitive Touch Glass Screen

From order delivery, mold opening test, formal production to completion. This huge order volume is finally completed. We pack 100,000 touch screens, and one touch screen is wrapped with several layers of anti-collision materials. After packaging, 100,000 touch screens will be shipped to customers by sea.

In the later communication with customers, we learned that some of the 100,000 touch screens produced by our company have been used in express cabinets. It can be seen from the initial usage report. The touch screen produced by our company can meet the needs of users and the quality of the pass.

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