DINGTOUCH: Touch screen related knowledge and testing solutions

Touch screen related knowledge and testing solutions

As an input device, the touch screen has the advantages of ease of use, durability, fast response time, and space saving. Users can operate directly through the touch screen without using a keyboard or mouse. It is very practical, powerful, and widely used.

The quality of the touch screen needs to be verified through testing, and reliability testing must be conducted during production. The main test items include high and low temperature storage, hot and cold shock storage, impact test, scribing test, surface hardness, surface hydrostatic pressure test, and packaging vibration. , packaging drop, steel ball impact test, etc. Touch screen testing has a greater demand for current transmission. High-current shrapnel microneedle modules can be used for connection and conduction. First, it can transmit currents up to 50A and maintain a stable connection. Secondly, it will not cause breakdown of the connector. The average lifespan reaches more than 20w times; thirdly, it can cope with complex test environments, with continuous needles and no stuck needles, which can effectively improve test efficiency.
The main components of a touch screen are a sensor unit that handles user selections, a controller that senses touches and locates them, and a software driver that transmits touch signals to the operating system. These three types of components constitute the working mechanism of the touch screen. In addition to components, there are several technology types of touch screens: capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens, infrared touch screens, surface acoustic wave touch screens, and surface capacitive touch screens.

The following are some touch screen related knowledge and touch screen testing solutions Touch screen types:

  • Resistive touch screen: A touch screen based on the resistive effect that can detect the touch position through pressure.
  • Capacitive touch screen: A touch screen based on the capacitive effect, which can detect the touch position through the capacitance of the human body.
  • Infrared touch screen: A touch screen based on the effect of light interruption technology. Whenever an object touches the display screen, the infrared rays are blocked, allowing the position of the touch point on the screen to be determined.
  • Surface acoustic wave touch screen: detects touch location through the propagation and reflection of sound waves.
  • Surface capacitive touch screen: A touch screen with an array of electrodes located on the surface of the screen that can detect multiple touches and subtle finger movements.

Touch screen testing solutions:

  • Sensitivity test: Test the sensitivity and accuracy of the touch screen induction, and conduct touch tests through different areas on the touch screen.
  • Response time test: Measure the response time of the touch screen, that is, when a certain point on the screen is touched, the system's response time to the touch event.
  • Multi-touch test: Test whether the touch screen supports multi-touch and detect the accuracy and sensitivity of multi-touch.
  • Touch edge test: Test the sensitivity and touch accuracy of the edge of the touch screen to ensure that the entire screen can respond to touch events normally.
  • Anti-accidental touch test: Test whether the touch screen is prone to accidental touches during normal use and detect its ability to prevent accidental touches.
  • Durability test: Test the durability and lifespan of the touch screen, simulating the performance and reliability of the touch screen under long-term use.
Dingtouch: Touch screen testing solutions may differ for different types of touch screens, so corresponding test plans and methods need to be carried out based on specific touch screen types and application scenarios. In addition, testing needs to be performed in accordance with relevant specifications and standards, and professional testing tools and equipment must be used for accurate testing.

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