Touch screen of public electronic mobile payment device

Touch screen of public electronic mobile payment device

Touch screen of public electronic mobile payment device

The public electronic mobile payment device is a product that caters to the development of smart cities and can be used in smart travel scenarios such as bus code payment, high-speed toll station code settlement, corporate bus card/mobile payment, etc.
Public electronic mobile payment devices are usually equipped with touch screens to provide a user-friendly interface and convenient operation experience. The application of touch screens in public electronic mobile payment equipment mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Payment interface: The touch screen is used as an input device for users to enter payment amounts, select payment methods, enter passwords, or perform fingerprint recognition and other operations. The touch screen can provide an intuitive and easy-to-operate interface, allowing users to complete the payment process conveniently.

2. Flexibility: Touch screens can be customized according to different needs and applications. They can support multiple input methods such as single-touch, multi-touch and gesture recognition to meet the operating habits and preferences of different users. The touch screen adopts direct contact control, and users can easily complete operations through simple finger touch and drag. The touch screen provides a more intuitive and friendly user experience, which can effectively improve user satisfaction.

3. Account management: Through the touch screen, users can perform operations such as account inquiry, balance recharge, and transaction record inquiry. The touch screen provides a user-friendly interface for users to manage and view account-related information.

4. Barcode/QR code scanning: The touch screen of public electronic mobile payment equipment usually also has a scanning function, allowing users to complete payment by scanning the merchant's barcode or QR code. The scanning interface on the touch screen provides accurate and fast scanning operations.

5. Prompts and confirmations: The touch screen can display transaction amount, payment confirmation prompts, transaction results and other information. Users can complete payment operations directly through the instructions and confirmation buttons on the touch screen, improving user payment convenience and operating efficiency.

6. Data display: The touch screen can display transaction amount, payment status, event discounts and other information in real time, making it convenient for users to view and check payment details.

7. Save space: The touch screen replaces traditional physical buttons and can save space on the device. This is especially important for transportation card devices, which often need to be installed in limited spaces, such as station entrances and bus ticket machines.

8. Enhanced functionality: Touch screens can support a wider range of functions and interactions. For example, they can display real-time information, provide navigation, support virtual keyboard input, and more. This increases the convenience and versatility of transporting card swiping devices.

9. Easy to clean and maintain: Touch screen surfaces are usually smooth and have no grooves or physical buttons, making them easy to clean and disinfect. This is especially important when transporting card swiping devices as they often come into contact with different user fingers and need to be kept hygienic and clean. In addition, traditional physical buttons are complex in design, have a short lifespan, are prone to failure, and require frequent repairs and replacements. The touch screen uses a solid-state design, does not require additional mechanical structures, has a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

In general, touch screens play a very important role in public electronic mobile payment devices and can provide convenient, efficient, and safe payment methods. Through the application of touch screens, public electronic mobile payment devices can better meet user needs.

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Touch screen of public electronic mobile payment device


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