What Should I Do If There Is A Bad Fault On The Touch Panel CTP? Teach You How To Beat It

Touch screens are generally used in the electronics industry and are widely used. But sometimes it will have some undesirable failures. After a sudden failure, not only will the work be delayed, but also a challenge for technicians to face different failure maintenance every time. The failure of the smart home Touch Panel CTP is different every time. The repair methods for different faults are also different. So we need to know more maintenance methods. Let me tell you about it:

Touch Panel CTP

Measures For Bad Failure Of Touch Panel CTP

  1. If the touch fails, the disassembly will be normal, and the installation will fail. The four sides of the smart home touch screen are too tight. Remove the sealing strip. The root of the touch screen lead is broken and the main board related components are soldered.
  2. The calibration screen will be displayed when the machine is turned on, and it can be calibrated. But can not be completed, has been letting the calibration. Change the touch screen grid code to write the full font library. Plant the CPU. Solder or change the touch IC. Check if there are any open circuits around the touch IC. Change the cable of the flip machine.
  3. The deviation of the touch screen can be corrected. But it is still biased after correction. When restoring the factory or the grid code (last 1M), the touch screen was deliberately shifted to the calibration.
  4. The smart home touch screen and buttons all fail (some of them are normal for a while when they are turned on). Add solder or replace the touch IC; add solder or replace the CPU; write software. (Key failure, normal touch is usually a key stuck)

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