What Factors Will Affect The TP Touch Screen?

We will install a TP touch screen on lcd display to realize touch operation. Like the display screen, the TP touchscreen is an indispensable and replaceable component in the touch display screen. The TP touchscreen consists of a touch detection component and a touch panel controller. And is generally fixed to the main board through a connector. The touch screen is the external screen. We install touch screen in front of the display screen. It can detect the position touched by the user and send it to the touch screen controller to execute the received instructions. Since the era of intelligent full-screen, TP touch screen has greatly simplified the operation and brought users a simple and smooth experience. As the center of human-computer interaction, the test of TP touch screen is particularly important.


What Factors Will Affect The TP Touch Screen?

TP Touch Screen

Environmental Factors Affect The TP Touch Screen

The best working temperature of the TP touchscreen is 0~35 degrees Celsius, and the best storage temperature is between -20~60 degrees Celsius. When the working temperature is higher or lower, it will cause the TP touchscreen to drift. High temperature or long-term exposure to the sun can also damage the TP touchscreen. Therefore, when the phone screen is hot, it should not be used again. And the screen temperature needs to be lowered.


Conductive Material Afffect TP Touch Screen

Oil stains, sweat stains, and water vapor are all conductive substances. When there have substances on the TP touch screen, the touchscreen will drift and affect the use. If it penetrates into the TP touchscreen, it may permanently damage the touch screen.


Electrostatic Factors

Static electricity will also cause damage to the TP touchscreen, because the capacitive touchscreen relies on electric field for positioning. So even a slight static electricity will cause the drift of TP touchscreen, which requires special attention.


Magnetic Field Response

A magnetic field will generate an electric field. The electric field will cause the TP touchscreen to drift and cause the screen to fail. Therefore, the TP touchscreen will also be damaged in an environment with excessive magnetic field. So it is not suitable to use the mobile phone.


Voltage Factor

In the case of unstable voltage or low voltage, it is very likely that the TP touchscreen will drift.


Other factors

Physical damage such as impact and vibration can cause irreversible damage to the TP touchscreen. When the ambient temperature and humidity, electric field, contact area, medium dielectric, etc. change. It may cause the touch screen to drift, malfunction, and cause inaccurate touch or damage, screen performance.


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