What kind of conditions does the LCD touch screen have is called TFT color liquid crystal touch display?

What kind of conditions does the LCD touch screen have is called TFT color liquid crystal touch display?

More and more industrial equipment has reached 5.0 industry with the development of the times. And choosing to use LCD touch screen to realize intelligence. However, the LCD touch screen used in the industrial industry is different from other LCD screens. It has higher requirements and stricter standards. So what kind of LCD screens can be called TFT LCD screens?

Working TemperatureOf LCD Touch Screen

What is a liquid crystal display? The liquid crystal in the liquid crystal display is actually a liquid substance. And the temperature factor is a limiting condition. This temperature does not refer to the weather temperature. Or refers to the temperature that the FT color LCD screen can withstand during the working process. Or the temperature that it can withstand when it is not working. It is mean that one is the working temperature, and the other is the storage temperature.


Temperature is an important indicator of the TFT color liquid crystal display used in industry. It can affect the service life and use effect of the liquid crystal screen. This has also caused certain restrictions on the use of TFT color liquid crystal displays. And it will cause irreversible effects on long-term use of TFT color liquid crystal displays at the same temperature. Therefore, the TFT color LCD screen with wide temperature effect is more popular. And it can provide better service and work.

Product Life

Why is the service life of the TFT color liquid crystal display extremely important?

TFT color liquid crystal display plays an important role. Generally speaking, the cost of industrial equipment is relatively good. And maintenance or repairs require relatively large costs when problems occur. If the industrial equipment cannot work because of the TFT color liquid crystal display, there will be greater losses. Therefore, the TFT color liquid crystal display used in the industrial equipment. So it will require it have a long life and be durable. Many TFT color LCD screens have a long production time and require year-round supply. Moreover, it is extremely prone to stop production. Therefore, the service life of TFT color LCD screens used in industry is 5-10 years. Will even exceed 10 years.

What I'm talking about here are only two of the TFT color LCD screens used in the industry. In fact, there are many conditions that it needs to have. It is not only temperature and service life, but also brightness, viewing angle, and resolution. Rate and so on.

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