What Is TP Touch Panel?

What Is TP Touch Panel?

TP touch panel is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive first-class input signals. The advent of the touch screen replaced the mechanical button mechanism. Direct contact with graphic signs. So you can create vivid audio and video effects. The operation is convenient and quick. TP touch screen is including lens (cover lens), TP Sensor (contact sensor), FPC (flexible circuit board), IC (touch chip) and other accessories.

Classification Of TP Touch Panel

The touch screen is further divided into resistive and capacitive touch.  In the past , people are wodely use Capacitive touch screens in mobile phones and tablets. Because capacitive touch screen can realize multi-touch and sensitive operation. It has the characteristics of not easy to touch by mistake and high durability. Therefore,the capacitive touch screen can only operate by sensing the current of the human body. Avoid touching other objects. What's more, it has good performance in dustproof, waterproof and wear-resistant. Capacitive touchscreens have a longer life and do not require pressure to generate a signal. Just touch it directly.

How To Test Capacitive Touch Screen?

There will be some interference factors in the use of capacitive TP touch screen. Electrostatic discharge occurs and is in a strong magnetic field. When there are conductive substances such as oil, sweat, and water vapor attached to the screen. It is possible to permanently damage the capacitive screen. When the ambient temperature and humidity do not meet the working environment or the voltage is low, unstable, physical impact and vibration and other factors. will damage the capacitive touch screen. Cause it's very east to scrap the capacitive touch screen . Therefore, it is necessary to test the capacitive TP touch screen.

TP touch panel

Selecting the appropriate test module in the test can play a good connection function. So it can play an excellent role in conducting current and transmitting signals. The high-current shrapnel micro-needle module is a test connection module suitable for TP touch screen testing. First of all, the integrated structure design is made of nickel alloy / beryllium copper material. The high-current shrapnel microneedle module is light, thin and tough.

And the needle is not easy to break. Long service life and strong overcurrent capability. The current that can pass can reach up to 50A. The current is conducted in the same material body, and there is basically no current attenuation. Overcurrent and connection are very stable. Testing in the small pitch field. The high-current shrapnel microneedle module also has a reliable solution. The minimum pitch value that can be dealt with can reach 0.15mm. Stable performance, excellent performance and longevity.

The high-current shrapnel microneedle module is also stress-free in high-frequency tests. Its average service life can reach more than 20w times. Under good operation, environment and maintenance, it can reach 50w times. And the master test yield rate is as high as 99.8%, which is a long-life, high-performance module. The continuous use feature can reduce the production cost of TP touch screen and improve the test efficiency.

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