The Shopping Mall Touch Screen Guide System Is The Advantage Of The Mall’s Smart Shopping Guide

The Shopping Mall Touch Screen Guide System

The shopping mall touch screen guide system is also called the shopping mall intelligent shopping guide. We mainly use it in digital guidance in the field of commercial real estate. The system uses a multimedia touch screen as the carrier. Use the most accurate marketing positioning. The most cutting-edge digital guidance method, the most popular multi-touch operation nowadays. Bring a perfect user experience to users. The shopping mall touch screen guide system contains a variety of functions. For example, one cloud with multiple terminals, map editor, way finding system, video customer service, appointment calling, car finding system, background monitoring, data collection, smart push, point query, etc. So the system is safe and stable, the function is easy to use, the operation is simple, and the reaction speed is fast. It has strong scalability in the future . However, it is very suitable for all-round information guidance in shopping malls.

Shopping Mall Touch Screen

The shopping mall touch screen shopping guide system is a high-tech interactive system. We install it in high-end shopping malls that integrates shopping guide, business promotion, information interaction and other functions. The system design aims to build a first-class shopping mall. Also bring consumers a brand-new interactive experiential shopping life. Build an efficient information communication bridge between shopping malls, businesses and consumers.

Advantages Of Shopping Mall Touch Screen Interactive Electronic Shopping Guide System

For Shopping Malls To Enhance The Image:

Technology, fashion, atmosphere, and practicality greatly enhance the image of the shopping center. Technological innovation: The system adopts the world's leading interactive technology. Create a novel, vivid, practical and humanized system. Let customers enjoy happy shopping. Guidance advantage: Direct and intuitive 3D guidance function, effectively improving the informatization level of shopping centers. So complaints and suggestions: Collect complaints and suggestions from merchants and customers on the mall to create a better shopping service environment in the mall.

For Merchants, Guide Advantages:

The simple and intuitive 3D guide function allows customers to guide the moment they enter the mall. Publishing platform: Exclusive network publishing port for VIP merchant members. Self-service 3G network quickly updates product display information. However,improve the brand and promote sales. Research and feedback: effectively and directly enhance the communication and opinions and information feedback between customers and businesses, and facilitate decision-making.

For Customers Shopping Pleasure:

The interactive platform effectively and directly enhances the communication between consumers, shops and shopping malls. Advantages of the guide: Simple and intuitive 3D guide function, no longer getting lost, no longer struggling to find various positions and consulting.

1 .The system can provide information about the surrounding transportation network, including bus stations, subway stations, etc.

2. Supports complex internal structure, which can realize navigation guidance for leveling, cross-floor, cross-building or even  mixed building (shopping mall plus commercial building).

3 .Support fixed terminal or mobile platform (smartphone) navigation.

4. Leading guidelines, merchants can update the content by themselves. Therefore,Interact with customers through dynamic display screens.

5.Customers can use mobile terminals such as mobile phones or tablets. Inquire about the discounted goods or services closest to you.

6.The system can be connected with the B2C system of the mall. Realize fast offline shopping guide and online 3D shopping. Develop and use on both sides at once.

7.Combined with the touch table in the leisure area to achieve dynamic advertising release. So Customers can search for products on the touch table and browse the advertisements published by the mall.

8.Serial mobile phones, tablet computers, touch tables, indoor touch screens, outdoor large screens, e-commerce websites, RFID, and Internet of Things technologies are the leading applications in the digital signage industry.

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