Car Touch Screen Is Used In Special Vehicle Intelligent Equipment

Car Touch Screen Is Used In Special Vehicle Intelligent Equipment

Motor vehicles with special purposes, specially made or modified, equipped with fixed installations, engaged in professional work monitoring, fire fighting, medical treatment, mining vehicles, radar, X-ray inspection, etc.. We can collectively call them special vehicles. In order to make it safer and more efficient.Modern special vehicles often integrate multiple technologies. There are also many car touch screens used in special vehicle smart devices.

The Importance Of Special Vehicles

In Europe, the safety of special vehicles is more important than ordinary vehicles. The municipal government will equip clean cars, oil tankers. And liquid tankers with radar collision avoidance systems and video systems. Mining companies will be willing to reduce the casualties of personnel. And vehicle accidents with vehicle driving assistance radar systems. Enable them to have environmental awareness, planning and decision-making, Multi-level assisted driving and other functions.


In China, as the financial resources, manpower, and corporate image of special vehicle safety accidents are damaged. More and more companies realize the importance of special vehicle modernization. Integrating computers, modern sensing, information fusion, communication, and automatic control. Therefore,special vehicles with other technologies are becoming more common.

Car Touch Screen Is Used In Special Vehicle Intelligent Equipment

We use car touch screen device as an integrated device for various technical applications. In the application environment of special vehicles, its performance, stability, anti-resistance, and anti-interference are more and more important.

As a strong professional touch screen manufacturer. Comprehensive consideration of its own product characteristics and advantages. Lock the application field of special car display. Launched a 10.1-inch touch screen car series specially designed for special vehicles! At present, there are large-scale construction machinery vehicles, automated forklifts, mining trucks and other cases.

1) Large-scale Construction Machinery Vehicles Use Car Touch Screen

Large construction machinery vehicles/equipment are important implementation equipment. Including cranes, cranes, excavators, road rollers, mixing systems, etc. It is a common equipment for engineering construction. The car touch screen display is a device that combines emerging technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence. Let the project construction site realize "human-machine interconnection". Real-time monitoring, timely warning, and traceability of all links in the road construction process can be carried out.

2) Automated Forklift

In cargo distribution sites, forklifts are an indispensable tool for unloading and stacking. The car touch screen display device serves as the touch display center of the forklift. It has functions such as operating instrument display, equipment status monitoring, and forklift movement positioning prompts. In a fully automated workplace, the vehicle display needs to be connected to the control center of the distribution center. Forklifts that receive work instructions for loading and unloading, handling, and transportation of palletized goods are called industrial handling vehicles. It is widely use in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, logistics transfer centers, etc. So it is equipment for loading and unloading, handling, and transportation of palletized goods.

3) Mine Cart

In the mine scene, coordinate the collection and monitoring solution of mine cart operation. It can help users realize transportation and mining data collection. Monitor vehicle function usage data. And vehicle efficient and precise positioning. Greatly improve the efficiency of comprehensive vehicle management. In addition, in response to the mining environment, the new product has a built-in GPS positioning system. Combine the function of 4G communication network module . And the internal structure electromagnetic interference layout. It can ensure efficient interconnection between vehicles. Avoid unnecessary trouble caused by signal loss.

Provide Car Touch Screen Customized Solutions

Dingtouch smart 10.1-inch car touch screen display device. It can support the operating temperature advantage of -20℃~+70℃. However, it is very easy to operate and supports I2C USB RS232 interface. It also supports Windows, Android, and Linux systems. It can meet the high requirements of special scenes. We can also customize your car touch screen according to your requirements. The car touch screen display device is a concentrated expression of the intelligence of special vehicles. Intelligent 10.1-inch car touch screen display device is mainly for special vehicle application needs. Adapt to the special working environment of special vehicles. Moreover, committed to improving the safety, comfort and stability of special vehicles.

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